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  1. Iqwic Issue

    Hi, I've used Iqwic to program crossover parameters for the VT4887 into the It-4000. When I program one channel and use the copy feature to duplicate settings into the second channel., the second channel takes its signal from input 1. This despite me setting the amplifier in stereo mode. Is this a bug , or is it meant to be this way . thanks, Sunil k Sound.Com
  2. IT 4000 Clip Indicator

    Hi, Cathal, Well .. This seems to be a bit like the problem you faced ... I can see the Signal Led's Move when i apply an input but there is no output. Besides the Clip indicator seems to have a mind of its own and flashes occasionally.. but the channel doesn't function. Any Thoughts on this are welcome. Sunil
  3. Hi david, I've been having this eerie Problem with one of my Subwoofer Amplifier Rack that contains 2 IT 4000's . One of the Amps periodically Lights up the Clip Indicator on Channel 1. We Faced this problem previously as well when the Dealer just changed the Amplifier. So this is the second out of 20 Itechs facing the same problem. This problem arises even when the Amplifier is Idle .with no signal present. everything else seems ok except Channel 1 Fails to work Chherz Sunil. Sound.Com. India