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    Hi, I have an I-Tech 4000 which runs two JBL SRX 715s in stereo. The mixer is an allen and heath mixwiz 12/2. No problems unless i push the volume hard.......then it starts to clip on the amp,not all the time but usually on loud vocals or loud passages (Bassy) music. I have the amp attenuators ste at 0.0 on each channel of the amp. To cure this when pushing hard should I decrease the gains on the mixer or on the amp.
  2. XTI ?'s

    Hi, I am a solo artist in the UK and my original plan was 2 715s powered by an I-tech 4000 for venues 150-300 people doing swing/ballads etc.Those were bought first and soon realised I needed subs for the larger (300-500) venues.I then bought the subson a month after the tops.My budget would not run to another I-tech so I bought a PLX3602 to power the tops and swithced the I-tech to subs.When I do the smallet venues I use the I-tech with the 715s.The XTi will be a good match for your use.You could run all your speakers from an I-tech,the subs on one channel and the tops on the other,they get 1000 watts each.I did that at first before I got the PLX.As for the extra cash for an extra 200watts well if you ask anybody at Crown or Harmon they will tell you that the I-tech is a far superior amp in almost every way and if funds allow should be your choice.As chest thumpnig as you want them to be!For their size and weight the 718 is superb.I saved over £800 ($1600) by importing the I-tech from the states so I got it very cheaply. Regards,Carl.
  3. XTI ?'s

    get subs first, will be a better upgrade... and if u get the XTi just use the 0 db limiter I have 2 srx715s powered by a QSCPLX3602 and 2 SRX718s powered by an I-tech 4000 Bridged.Using the built in filters on the QSC and the DSP on the I-tech it rocks!You will get a better match with the Xti but save and get the subs.
  4. I-Tech inputs?

    Thanks, its so easy when you know how Thanks again.
  5. I-Tech inputs?

    Hi, I have only one signal input from my mixer available to my I-tech 4000.Can I use a `Y` xlr cable or can I input on ch1 then take a link out to ch2?
  6. XTI 4000/JBL SRX 718s

    Thank for your ultra fast response and information.Its a big help. Regards,Carl. 5599[/snapback] Hi agian. Would you recommend bridging the I-tech as well to run the tops?
  7. XTI 4000/JBL SRX 718s

    Thank for your ultra fast response and information.Its a big help. Regards,Carl.
  8. Hi, just wondered if an XTI 4000 in B/M mode would produce enough power to work 2 SRX 718s.I was running 2 SRX 715s and the 718s from an i-tech 4000 but fear i`m compromising the speakers.My intention now is to run the subs from an XTI 4000 and the 715s from the I-tech.The reason for this is I don't alway need the subs (small venues).What does anybody else think?
  9. Speaker/amp match?

    Thanks Bill.I know the gear is good I just wondered if I was underpowering the Cabs.I do need to ask questions cos` sometimes I am not sure of things.You have been a great help.Thanks. Regards,Carl.
  10. Speaker/amp match?

    Hi Ticko, For the number of people that you are doing 100 - 300 you shouldn't have any problems. The rest of what I am writing is based on the JBL speakers running at 8 ohms each. Two JBL SRX 715s speakers will run off of one side of an iTech 4000 with no problem. They would no quite meet the 1.5 X continuous power (800 * 2 * 1.5 = 2400 into 4 ohms) however, it should work out nicely. I am a little more concerned about the subs. If you are playing dance with a thump all night you might be under powered. 1.5 calculation same as above. My other assumption is that the subs are 8 ohms each. I don't know why but I think that they are 4 ohms each. If they are 8 ohm they are under powered by about 200 watts per speaker, however if they are 4 ohms each that would be a 2ohm per side load and the iTech 4000 will only produce 1800 watts or 900 per speaker with would be about 300 watts light per speaker. As I said I am not sure it the SRX 715s is an 8 ohm cabinet or a 4 ohm cabinet. Hope this helps. bill 5585[/snapback] Thanks Bill for taking an intrest. Both the 715s and 718s are 8ohm and rated 800/1600/3200 watts. If i`m taking a cable from one side of the amp and into one sub and then from that sub to the other that equals a 4ohm load.Is that correct? then one cable from the other channel to a 715 then a cable from that speaker to the other one.Again i am assuming is a 4ohm load.According to the amp. spec I should get 2000watts per channel at 4ohms.Does this not mean the speakers are getting a 1000watts each.Sorry to sound so irritatingly so stupid but I am when it comes to this kinda stuff and I really need to learn. Regards,Carl.
  11. Hi, Thicko! here from the uk.I have an I-tech 4000 which I use to run a pair of SRX 715s full range for small venue(100-200) people.When I do a little larger venue I hook up a pair of SRX 718s.I use the DSP settings given to me by Harmon in the UK.Ch1.runs the top and ch. 2 runs the subs.Is this amp enough to run the subs and the tops at the same time? I am a solo artist so portability is first. Regards,Carl.
  12. i tech 4000

    Hi. I have an i-tech 4000, bought in from the states brand new 14 months ago.I live in the UK.I use the amp about twice a month.It is a great piece of kit but last night I used it and the clip light on ch. 1 stayed on.No signals were goint to the amp as I switched the amp on first.Because I did not have a spare I used ch. on 2 SRX 715s with the preset i have for that configuration and muted ch. 1.I dare not use the amp again as I`m not sure I will damage it. The amp is staored in a garage which is very dry but quite cold,could this have caused the problem? please help!!! Regards,Carl UK
  13. crown i-tech

    Hi, New to this forum but here goes.I have just bought an i-tech 4000, much to powerful to be wasted on my peavey 1015s.I want to use 2 bass cabs and 2 tops.can anybody recommend what speakers I should go for with a medium budget and also a top of the class selection.Many thanks,Carl.