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  1. thanks david. the CLoader and file you sent me fixed the problem. just want to let anyone else that has this problem and sees the post to know that its a simple fix. thanks again david.
  2. i just purchased 8 XTi amplifiers. all of them work except for the 2 newest ones....which i can upload new firmware into, and can get system architect to see as "detected" in the network wizard....but i cant get it into the venue to load my presets into. in the network wizard....under its "description" where it should say /xti1000 , theres a "y" with 2 little dots over it. also, its address seems to be a very different sequence than my other amps that work. i NEED these amps to work on sunday......repeat....I NEED THESE AMPS TO WORK THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! they are powering bi-amped monitors, and the factory presets wont cut it.
  3. i am trying to input JBL SRX tunings into an XTI DSP using system architect. the only issue i am finding is that the hi shelf eq Slope has a value of 1 and cannot be adjusted. i need to make its value 9 as per JBLs Spec. is there something i am missing? or can this not be done?
  4. does anyone know when they will be available in stores?
  5. thanks for the reply david. would you recommend an itech for my situation then or would i be better off sticking with the macro? i have no problems with the macrotech and love everything about it...its just that i am pretty much a 1 man operation and sometimes, i cant get it up the ramp of my truck! ( have 3 in the rack). i know i could just break them down into their own cases but that just makes my setup time more annoying. thanks again
  6. hello everyone. i am currently using crown macrotech 5002's on a 2 ohm load. i would like to replace them with i techs due to the decreased weight, but am unsure if they will handle the 2 ohm load as well as the macrotechs do. i am thinking about the i tech 8000 since it is 1000w more at 2 ohm than the macro tech. any input would be appreciated. thanks