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    FYI, Mark Levinson (another Harman brand) offers a few choices for a single-space stereo pre-amp. Here's one, based on their pretty famous No. 32: Levinson - No. 320S Stereo Pre-Amplifier This unit does not have a surround processor built-in, but does interface with a proccessor if you want it to. Hope this helps. Chris Vice 1150[/snapback] Chris, Sounds like you are suggesting Mark Levinson preamp as a nice complement to a Crown powerplant, possibly for home Hifi use. I myself have the Studio Ref I and am looking replace my Rane mixer with a decent balaced class A preamp, possibly a tube amp. Have you ever run the Ref I in hifi environment with a hifi preamp? Do you recomend any for the REF 1? Thanks. /Lee