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  1. UT2020

    Service centers all have different policies as far as if they charge and how much for non warranty service. If they do and how much would be up to them. If the amp was still under warranty a Crown Authorized Service Center would get paid by us and no charge to you. Without having it on the bench it would be very hard to say what the problem is. It could be something simple or something major. Until it is looked at no one could say. 1947[/snapback] In testing it again last night, I noticed that the channel actually does pass audio when it is turned all the way up. The output is very muffled sounding, but it seems promising that it actually does something. I understand that it can only be diagnosed by having it on the bench, but I thought I'd post the new findings in case anyone wants to comment. Thanks for the reply.
  2. UT2020

    OK. Looks like if I take it to the local service center, then I'll pay a minimum one hour charge for the estimate. This amp is actually the same as a CE2000. Has anyone experienced a channel going bad on a CE2000? What was the cause?
  3. UT2020

    Hello all. I recently discovered a UT2020 (Sam Ash) in a closet at church, and one channel is bad. The signal light works, but the channel passes no audio. To my disappointment, it is dated in November, 2000. I have a couple questions... 1. Does this type of problem have a "normal" cause? If so, then what can I expect to pay for the repair? 2. If I take it to a service center, do I have to pay for an estimate on repair cost? Thanks for any responses, this is a great forum.