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  1. I just want to know what is the center input of the barrier strips. I saw five inputs in the barrier strips, they are +/- for channel 1 and +/- for channel 2. Is the center input for the ground? If that center input is for the ground then I could parallel another amp by using the barrier strips of the ce 2000 into another amp in a balance configuration. For example, from the barrier strip of ch 1 input I wire the +,- and the ground to the balance input of another amp. In this way I could have a balance wiring. Thanks.
  2. Hi. The high end drivers of my system consists of 2 pairs of peavey RX 22 -8 ohms, one pair on each side wired in parallel. The rx 22 is rated at 70w rms and 140w prog so I got 280w @ 4 ohms per side. I was looking for an amp that would match to the wattage of the drivers like an amp rated at 280w /channel @ 4 ohms. But i never found that kind of amp usually the amp that I found is rated at 300w per channel @ 4 ohms. If I use the 300w/channel amp is it too much already for the drivers. There were other amps that i found rated at 200w/channel some are 230w/channel @ 4 ohms but it seems i am underpowering the drivers if i use them. Any advise and recommendation. Thanks and more power.
  3. adding amps

    Is this what you mean, connect two amps together thru their barrier strips located above the xlr inputs). The +/- of ch 1 on the 1st amp wired to the 1 +/- ch 1 of the 2nd amp. I will give you an example how i would connect the additional amp in my set up as what i had understand in your explaination. (Note: this ex. is for one side only i'm using two crossovers one per side). From the x'over's low output to the ch 1 input (xlr) of the 1st amp(bridge mode) then I tap the second amp(bridge mode) by wiring the two amps thru their respective input barrier strips as explained aboved. Am I right? Thanks again and more power. Note:
  4. adding amps

    Hi. I'm planning of adding my subs. My existing set up on the subs is that I have 2 pairs of SP 118x powered by CE 2000 amps (in bridge mode) one amp on each pair. One pair in the left and the other pair in the right (stereo set up). Now if I add another 2 pairs of the SP 118X and 2 CE 2000 how should I connect the additional amps. I could no longer connect it to the electronic crossover there's no more output for the low end. Thanks.
  5. bridged mode

    Thank you so much. You staff people of crown audio are really great. keep up the good work.
  6. bridged mode

    Hi. Did you mean that on the amp end of the speaker line the positive will be wired/assigned to the pin 1+ of the speakon and the negative on the pin 2+ of the same speakon?
  7. bridged mode

    Hi. Let's say i have a little knowledge about sound system but this time I do need the advise of the authorities. I just bought 2 units of CE 2000 and 4 units of peavey SP 118x enclosures (8ohms/cab). Somebody told me that each pair of the cabs will be driven by one amp set in bridged mode which seems right as far as the amp's power output in relation to the cab's wattage is concern. I also bought a 4- conductor speaker cable and 4-pin speakon connector. I wanted to wire the two cabs in parallel to be feed to the amp switch to bridged mode . This is how i would like to wire/connect them and please correct me if i'm doing it the wrong way. With my 4-conductor speaker cable i connect the 2 wires, with the use of a speakon, to one cab and the other 2 to the other cab. On the other end of the cable i put together the two positives and connect it to the pin 1+ pf the speakon while the two negatives into the pin 2+ of the same spakon. Now if i connect it to the amp's speaker output, is my pin assignment on speakon matches to the pin assigment of the amp's speaker output? Your advise to this request means a lot. Thank you and more power.