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  1. Crown CE 2000

    All of this was contributing, it all seemed to be that the input of the amp was getting hit to hard. We backed off the gain on the EQ by 6 db and 6 db on the mono mix send.... voila ... no clips lights or shutdowns. Imagine that!! Still getting a loud hum though, but just to the active sub.
  2. Crown CE 2000

    I think Don does have a 260 drive rack BTW.
  3. Crown CE 2000

    Yeah right now we run it in a room sized for a 150, that's with the 2 E10 with the NX 200 for the FOTH. The NX 200 is a wonderful piece easy to cart around throws a lot of whumpaa. When they get paired up there is not a small room that just boogies with them. I sized the system like that as for all intents and purposes any place bigger we play has a house system. We found a few more things that may be over loading my Crown. Is that my mono send on the mixer was set +6db over unity, plus my l.e.d output meter was disabled LOL! My bassist tech friend and I where going over the manuals of the CE 2000 and my board and EQ last night. We found that the EQ accepts 21db and that the Mackie can send 28db. So what we understand is that the Crown can handle approx 1.5v-3v of signal, what we need to figure out what db gain equates to voltage. That is where we figure the problem rises. As for the hiss and noise we are first going to negate the EQ from the equation as the more we mess with it, the more the EQ looks like to be the culprit. We have an open mic tomorrow so we are going to show up a bit early and do the troubleshoot as you suggested.
  4. Crown CE 2000

    Yeah I use the NX-350 on the monitors only for the reason that we sometimes use a electronic drum kit and the 12" whumps a bit more than the E10. I reasoned using the E10s on the FOTH was that the crossover in the behringer pulls the low end away from them and the 2" titanium horn in the E10 should have a better high end throw. (in speculation) For bigger gigs we use a pair of the NX-200 with a pair of NX-20s (older versions of the NX-350) Then we can run the monitor side of the CE-2000 down to 2 ohms and get full power out of it. What I'm not understanding is the reasoning that the NX-350 X 2 = 700 watts @ 4 ohms If the speakers have more headroom 750 vs 660 wouldn't the amp just run out of juice or distort before the speakers popped? VS the Elites @ 400 @ 4 ohms. Could/would the CE-2000 pumping it out just destroy the E10s? My band partner has a Driverack (model #??? all sorts of bells and whistles though) and a matching CE-2000 as well but he uses it for rehearsal with his other band. The speaker presets are great just from what he tells me there is no Yorkville Speaker presets so he uses JBL ones to get close. Which drive rack model do you have? Thanks for the help
  5. Crown CE 2000

    No no offense taken I need to hear this stuff. Funny part is I've done dozens of gigs with this set up and no problems until lately. The setup is like this. CE 2000 Running Stereo Mode. One side Monitors, one side FOTH. Using a Mackie 1604 VLZ mono out and send #2 out into a Behringer Twin 16 band EQ with a crossover set to a basic munsen curve. The Crossover sends signal to a Yorkville NX200 self powered sub. The monitors are Yorkville NX350 rated @ 700 @ 4 ohms for the pair and the FOTH are Yorkville Elite E10 rated @ 400 for the pair @ 4 ohms. Is there anything wrong with the Elites being a bit under rated for the power of the CE? Or really would the speakers just get fried? I appreciate all of your input and will go over the manual for the Mackie once again. I follow the level setting procedure for the gain trims being set to unity by the book. If just one strip clips would/could it overload the input of the amp? Or is it the overall level of the main fader that dictates this? What I don't understand if one strip was causing the FOTH side to clip why wouldn't the monitor side honk out either? As isn't it getting the same clipped signal from the gain knob?
  6. Crown CE 2000

    Yeah the speakers all checked out A-OK as well...
  7. Crown CE 2000

    Well last night at my open jam. There was only one side of the amp was acting up. It would throw the clip and fault light at the same time. We pulled out almost all of the EQ and put a -6db pad on that side it was a lot better. Could my outboard EQ be crapping out? Another thing I found that though I had set up my trims on the board to unity, when we had really loud i.e. chick singers who sang in the higher registry would cause it to peak out again. Would this be an indication that I may need a compressor/limiter? As well even at idle with no signal there seemed to be a constant noise/hiss not unlike a waterfall from a distance. This has been there forever but my bassist who has oodles of experience as a sound tech says the Crown should be stone cold silent. Is this an indication of dirty power? My Furman PL+ was saying a steady 117-122 volts all night.
  8. Crown CE 2000

    Ok, the tech had it on the bench and low and behold the amp checked out fine. So the cords are fine so It has to be one of my speakers that has an internal fault. I'm going to bring them in tomorrow how does the tech check speakers for a short that is intermittant? Is there any damage that could've happened to my amp as well?
  9. Crown CE 2000

    It is thermaling i.e the fan is running all the time and on loud transients the amp is reseting itself. I am running it stereo 8 ohms a side with the proper speakers and not even very hard maybe 1/4-1/3. I checked all the cords (speakons) for shorts and it is all good. The amp is about 6 years old and has never had any service or stupid abuse. So I have it in at a techs and should have an estimate tomorrow. Would any of you techy types have an idea what is going on with my amp? I'd just like to understand it a bit as to not get burned if it is a big estimate.