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  1. CE-Series

    I was wondering If two CE-2000's and a CE-4000 would blow a 15A circuit. Thanks
  2. 4 EAW LA 400's

    Hey I am a mobile DJ (and a novice with electronics) with a CE 4000 and two Cerwin-Vega V-253 speakers rated at 1300W max @ 4 ohms. I have been seriously considering adding subwoofers, and I love the EAW LA400's. My problem, however, is that I occasionally do house parties and am sometimes limited to one 15A circuit. I need to milk as much power from the circuit as possible, and I was thinking of purchasing another CE-4000 due to it's high output for the current draw. I was considering selling my V-253's and purchasing 4 LA 400's (1000w @ 8 ohms), 4 sattelites, and another CE 4000. I would use stereo mode on both amps and hook up one sattelite and one sub per channel. I just need to know if this would be the most efficent way of increasing my power and still using only 15A. Thanks. p.s. is there any other amp that would be more efficent than the CE 4000? (besides the I-Techs)