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  1. D150A, what cabinets?

    Dude You can load that chicken down to almost a dead short.. If ya put it in the mono mode it will really put out at 4 ohms .I ran both of mine like that for years . KEEP IN MIND THO ,THAT IT WILL GET HOT ,SO PUT A FAN BEHIND IT SO THE THERMAL PROTECTION WONT ACTIVATE . OH YEA THE STEREO MODE WORKS GOOD AT 4 OHMS TOO . YRs ago ,an Independent testing lab, took a DC300A (A bigger version) of the D150A ) They ran a 60 hertz signal to the inputs ,hooked a washing machine to the outputs ...washed a full load of clothes with it ,and said it never deviated from factory specs .So like... what more does anybody need to know see ya Sloan
  2. D-150A

    I have a D150A that has been in storage 10 yrs or so ,(A SHAME I KNOW BUT ...) The right channel IOC indicator LED stays on all the time ,I havent tried sending a signal thru it yet .I was just wondering if anyone knew of some things I could try before sending it back to Mommy for repairs .I have limited test equipment ,but a decent background in electronics .Any help would sho be appreciated .... Sloan