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  1. When will Crown provide the Amp selections for the DBX drive rack 260 ? I have 9 VRX's 932 and 10 SRX 918s whoever i do have downloaded the tunings from JBL for them witch are great but i have to select ( Custom ) for Amp selection to drive the I-Tech series. Is there any real tech support DBX tell's me is wating for Crown and Crown say the opposite . WOW Crown Dbx and JBL all in the same roof ? Amazing . Is there any positive tech support besides buying (With no doubth ) their great products ? Am not the smartest guy in the world but i can figure it out again things could be easier . Am not upset and my system sounds great from detailed clarity to earth shaking just dont like to be bounced around by so called tech suport going around circles. Is there anyone out there ?
  2. Hello !!!!!! I am a AJ and i just got 4 IT8000 and 2 IT4000 to run 16 JBL SRX728S and 8 SRX725 and i just love the IT's in every aspect I mean all Crown products are outstanding but the ITech's made my life easier . Dont be alarmed me being a DJ i also do sound for live bands . The best thing about it and i have a kick out of it , i can see my amps and their performance from the FOH about 150 feet away from a laptop and able to do any ajustments i want needless to say they are very light and i am able to put all my amps in the same rack with alot more power without worries what so ever . Well bottom line if anyone can afford these amps i will not recommend anything else