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  1. I work out on a cruise ship and they had installed 8810's in a few of the rooms 6 months ago. Now they want to make small adjustments to them. Here's where my problems start. 1. As I am not 100% familiar with the 8810, I do understand that if my IQwin is not the same version as was used to install, when I connect up to the unit, it will erase the memory as it upgrades the software in the unit. Is this true? 2. I did get a hold of the original .wiq file for said unit, but when I try to open it in an offline mode, I get an error as it is looking for an ID and a .oif file that the company who did the install cannot find and thus will not open to allow offline changes. Obviously, if the answer to the first question is a true, can I use the .wiq file to update the unit after it erases the memory? If so, would the object info file (.oif) that I need be the BSS-8810 component that resides in the program or do I need something else from somewhere? What am I doing wrong with this issue? Paul Ramsay Audio Tech