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  1. Hello there, We are currently working with IQwic 7.20a and firmware 1301 to control our I-tech amps. Is it possible to display the active preset name in a control panel???? It would be very helpfull. If I'm right it was possbile in a older version of IQwic. I hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Sander Krouwel Netherlands
  2. IT4000 problems with fan noise

    Hello there in Germany and America, We use about 30 amps now (I-Techs 4000 and 8000's) and have had this problem with several 4000's. After contacting with our distributor we received some new amps and later new input boards for this amps. Then the problem was solved. We use the amps also in theatrical and corporate events and can't have the noise. At Crown they know the problem. Best regards, Sander Krouwel Road Produkties Audiovisueel Holland