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  1. The K2 will make OUTSTANDING low end, clean, tight, and very well defined and articulate bass. The midrange and high frequencies will be super clean, but, different sounding compared to the more traditional Crowns mentioned above, so you would have to audition this amp and see what YOU think. Personally, I had tried a K series amp on two double 15 midbass cabinets in my system, and since my 15,s go up into the midrange, I got a good impression of what these newer technology amplifiers can do. Quite frankly, IT WAS GREAT, especially playing new and modern digital recordings. The bass was clean and defined to the utmost, the midrange was solid, well defined, full sounding, and very clean, with really good imaging. Much better than I thought it would be. The only thing I can't really tell you is how this amp, or others like it will do in the very high frequencies. However, as I already use Macro Tech I Series on subs, and have been MORE than completely satisfied, auditioning the K series has prompted me to convert to the latest Crown offerings for my entire 15in range this winter. I will be using three Crown Macro Tech 5000i amplifiers on twelve horn loaded TAD 1601b fifteens. I liked them that much! The K1 and K2 are voiced really nice, and should do more than well for studio monitoring, and is MORE than ample power for these speakers. BUT I would just remember to be careful with an amp like this on speakers like the 4412. Nothing bad about the K2, just that it IS a POWERFUL amp, that could easily overload the 4412 if one is reckless and not careful. And, another great application for the K series, is subwoofer use. EVERYONE I know that tried one of these for powering a sub usually ended up purchasing it. For subs, these amps are FANTASTIC, especially studio subwoofers, Home Hi Fi subs, or HT subs. The fact is that they have no fans, so are ideal in a quiet home or studio enviroment, and they have very high damping factor yielding tight and accurate low end, they run very reliably, and are easy on your AC electric. The AC power consumption of this amp IS something to consider carefully if your going to be using the amp in a home situation where you don't have heavy duty dedicated breakers and outlets for your amps. I still would recommend a dedicated 20 amp breaker with the amp having IT'S OWN AC receptacle. And I use JBL 18,s 2in horns, and tweeters, I have been using Crown and JBL since 1977, and it's a match made in audio heaven, to this day, Crown makes JBL speakers sing!
  2. Like Crown since 1974 says, for near field the D-75 would be nice, but, in a living room, or larger room, you'll run out of steam quickly. For the 4412,s, and I have used these extensively, I like the Crown DC-300A, or, if you have or see for sale, The Crown Power Line Four. The Power Line series are enhanced D series amps, using Crowns Multi Mode circuitry, and the bottom end, like a DC-300 is great, but the upper mids and high frequencies are nicer sounding. Not that the DC-300 is bad, actually I am STILL using a DC-300A to power SIX JBL horns with 2in compression drivers in a large commercial system.Oh, and the PS400 and Power line series are essentially the same amps, with the Power lines having been aimed primarily at the consumer home hi fi market, so, PS400 is a GREAT choice, too! I'll add my subjective, and personal opinion, I think, even to this day, the Crown DC-300, Power Line Four, and PS400 make some of the NICEST sounding bass you will get out of ANY amplifier. I do mean to suggest that these crowns sound every bit as good and better than amps that cost considerably more and considered HIGH END! Now, your going to use balanced connections? The PS400 can accept them IF you have the Balanced Input module option. The Crown D-150A is also nice, but, I like having the power with the JBL,s your using. A DC-300A or Power Line Four will have good control over the 4412 woofers, with the Power Line Four being my #1 recommendation.
  3. Counterfeit Crown?

    What is being done about this? WOW, they went to the trouble of cloning the 5000VZ! But, I'll say what we can do to avoid getting a counterfeit Crown! Buy your amps from authorized Crown dealers, and sales centers.
  4. Laptop to program Macro i series

    Thank you, this is what I needed to know.
  5. Hi, I am purchasing 5 9000i, and 3 5000i amplifiers. Is there any specific laptop Crown recommends, and what does it need to have besides Crowns software? I will say that when I auditioned the amps, THEY ARE MONSTERS! Todays digital musics low end, with using JBL 2242,s and TAD 1603,s powered by these new Crowns is UNBELIEVABLE! I always loved TAD woofers, BUT, I NEVER heard them sound this good. IMMACULATE! The JBL 2242,s powered by a 9000i is mind blowing. Tight, fast, hard hitting slam, INCREDIBLE TRANSIENT DETAIL, Bass articulation, and ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC ATTITUDE WHEN THE MUSIC REQUIRES THAT CROWN POWER! Crown, Like No Other.
  6. Macro-Tech I series

    I called Canal Hi Fi in NYC, I Series are availabe, expensive, but they sound great. Crown is worth the price, still #1 in my book. I'm pricing out 5 new MA-9000i amps for my 16 JBL 2242,s and four RCF LF18ND451,s and this will kick. Already have I Tech and original MA,s and now converting to I Series Macro Tech. 6 vintage Crown PSA-2,s running 12 TAD 1603 fifteens. CROWN has a sound ONLY CROWN HAS! Mr. Glass, come down to Coney Island, you'll hear Horn Loaded JBL and TAD, an ALL Crown powered rig that is INCREDIBLE, and I'll treat you to Nathans Hot Dogs just down the block! IT WORKS!
  7. Coming March 12...

    I guess I will have to look into these. Macro Tech I Series, NO DSP! Might be good 4 me. I,ll talk to the store I buy Crown amps from to get a loaner for a weekend test run! 8 ported JBL 2242,s, two drivers per channel, nominal 4 ohm loads, I figure the 5000, or 9000, two amps to buy. I hope these are punchy and kick, and have that famous CROWN GROWL!
  8. Bumper cars going I Tech!

    My apologies for the delay in getting back I was away from the office for a while and I am just now starting to catch up with 2 weeks worth of correspondences. Both amps will do great for sub bass however the selection of the amplifier size would depend on the speakers you have, how many of them and their impedance. Which sub bass speakers were you running again? I have cabinets with double JBL 2240,s, and I have cabinets with double JBL 2242,s. The older 40,s do not need the I T 8000, but the 2242,s could use them, limiters set accordingly.
  9. Legacy Amps

    You point your mouse arrow on Products, and a list opens up, click on amplifiers, and scroll down to discontinued products. Ill post the link for you here, too!
  10. Bumper cars going I Tech!

    I am purchasing two more I Tech 4000,s to complete my midbass section of my system. They kick, and they do sound like Crowns. They work with todays music, I had some people here yesterday and we were playing todays recordings, and one person specifically stated he likes the way the I Tech sounds, and that todays music translates properly through them. He also told me to go get the rest of em and forget about anything else. Now, I have a quick question for David Glass. I now wnat to change my sub bass amps, Ill go I Tech, Im guessing I would go to the next step up? The I Tech 6000? I dont really need the amount of power the I T-8000 can produce, but, Ill let you tell me which is the better choice for sub bass duty! The I Tech 6000 or I Tech 8000?
  11. Bumper cars going I Tech!

    I have run the I Techs for over a week now, no issues, very reliable. I'm satisfied!
  12. Bumper cars going I Tech!

    After a bit of tweaking, the amp kicks, a bit different sounding then what I have been used to, but the punch is tremendous. During the Mermaid Parade, the police came in to my place and told me to turn the sound down. It wasnt really loud, but the bottom was kicking, and they had their mobile police station right across the street from me, and I was told that bus was a shaking, and they were goin nutz inside of it. Into the evening the police went away, we got on with the show, house music, the place was ROCCCCCCKING! I think Im going to get two more this coming week.
  13. Well Mr. Glass, I went to Manhattan today, and I was at Canal Hi Fi, I auditioned several amps on LF, even the 2402, I picked the I Tech 4000. This amp made the 15,s punch and kick. The Macro was close, but not as clear and sharply defined. I did not like the I Tech doing upper mids or highs, but the bass was very Crown. I am putting it in tonight after I close, and am going to run it through the paces over the BUSY weekend I have coming up. Mermaid parade, all the NY freaks will be in Coney Island this Saturday. Once Im totally sure the amp will survive my brutal amount of hours of operation, Im going to get more next week. In retrospect, I may have been wrong, whatever were the problems with this series, I have been assured the latest generation has it all down pat. I have been on the fence with what amps to use for a while now, and in my heart, I knew I wanted to stay Crown if I could, NOTHING kicks bass like Crown!
  14. The future of the Crown Macro-Tech Line? will have answer you seek. FWIW, I gotta BUY amps, three nice new amps, do you make the 2402 or not!