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  1. Itech snap crackle pop

    I haven't had any pink noise problems occur. Have had some firmware load glitches in the past. But I have had some "snack, crackle and pop" problems. Only minor though. It was a little scary at first. I had flashbacks of when I had some bad XTis. All in all I wouldn't swap those I-Techs with anything...OK so I would swap out the one making noises for one that doesn't. And I will. Once I put my temporary replacement in.
  2. Heat and Amplifiers

    Middle Atlantic has a White Paper on thermal management available for download on their website. It might be a little more in depth, but it covers various methods of passive and active cooling for racks.
  3. Did you check the Bi-Amp/Passive switch on the box?

    I just want the software.