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    I am doing an install using CTs series Amps. The FOH will use a 2000, the Subs a 3000, the monitors 2, 1200's and the downfill and frontfill using a 600. I am connecting two pair of speakers (8 Ohm), 2 down fills and 2 front fills, to the CTs 600. There will be one signal for the fills coming from the A&H mixer, passing through a BSS Soundweb 3088. Can I connect the speakers at the amp terminal strip output together? 2 positive speaker wires with terminal forks together & two negative speaker wires with terminal forks on channel one, then the same for channel two? I normally would connect speaker to speaker for channel one, then speaker to speaker for channel two but the wiring is home run back to the amp rack from each fill. Is it ok to combine the terminals together at the amp? Also would the correct setting be "Daul Mode", "Y" on? Thanks, Six