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  1. My issues were resolved by the promptly with the help of David and Kent. Thanks again for helping me get this amp back to its normal state. Once again, Crown customer/technical service goes the extra mile to help. Here is my Crown purchase thought process: -Buy quality US made amp -Use it heavily for years -If you do have an issue, come to the forum or call support -Get great support in the forum -or speak to someone on the phone who speaks the official language of the country and is knowledgeable about their product Thanks again for great products (want some new MA's in my rack right now ) Chris G.
  2. It sounds like it just happened in close proximity to a firmware upgrade I would have the amp looked at. FOLLOWUP - I found that my Xti-4k's "startup" issue was not caused by the firmware. I noticed an odd sound coming from the left front corner of the amp. After opening it up, I pressed on the ribbon cable before powering the unit on. It came to life. I turned the unit off and tried to turn it on...the unit stayed unconsciousness. I repeated pressing on the ribbon and was able to make the unit turn on. So, I was struck by the ribbon cable issue. Can I just get a ribbon cable instead of sending the unit in? Chris G.
  3. I just upgraded a rack of XTi's. All rebooted and were happy for several hours last evening. This morning when I powered the rack up in the same location, one of the amps only turns on the backlight for the LCD screen. Is this a firmware issue?...or did the amp have issues that just happened in close proximity to a firmware upgrade. Chris G.