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  1. I checked out the 234XL and it has a switch that sums the low frequencies. Problem solved. Thanks for the help!
  2. The system is as follows: A DBX 234XL takes 2 signals (stereo) and makes 6 signals (Left and right highs, left and right mids, and left and right lows). I am trying to sum my lows together and bridge that signal in a CL1 or K1 amp to drive my subwoofer (JBL 4642A). How should I do this? Do I need a separate op-amp summer or is this stereo-bridging circuitry built into these Crown amps? The explanation of the Y-input for the K1 is unclear to me. The CL1 does not appear to have this circuitry. Please ask for explanation if my question is unclear. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. This system would primarily be used for mobile djing. Lightweight and stiff are great, but my major concern is sizing the power rating correctly. Ultra-high SPL is not neccessarily the goal. I worry about mechanically wearing out the subwoofers. How about for the high frequency drivers? They take 75W RMS. Is the CTs 600 a good option for them or is there a better choice?
  4. I plan to tri-amp a system containing: 2 x JBL SRX715 2 x JBL SRX718S The amps I am proposing are: Highs: CTs 600 (300W into 8 Ohms per channel) Mids: Cts 2000 (1000W into 8 Ohms per channel) Lows: Cts 2000 (1000W into 8 Ohms per channel) For clarification, this configuation would require 1 x CTs 600 and 2 x CTs 2000's. Are these amps appropriately sized? Is there a better Crown amplifier for this job? The Mid and Low frequency drivers handle 800W RMS. Would the CTs 1200 or CTs 3000 be better solutions? I understand the concept of 3dB of headroom. My main concern is mechanical stress on the speakers (longevity, xmax, linearity). This is my concern for how to size the amplifier. Also of note, the design will use a DBX 234XL to crossover the system. All advice is appreciated!!! Thanks! -Chris