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  1. CM 311A Help!

    I'm going out on a limb here.. but I found This on ebay.. It's a beltpack & Receiver..? Any ideas if it would work with the microphone? Please.. any help is GREATLY appreciated. Aaron
  2. CM 311A Help!

    Hello. I recently purchased a CM311A/E Microphone through ebay. I know the subject says CM311A.. but I realized it is a A/E. Dont know if that makes a difference. This probably was my first mistake. Apparently I did not read the auction clearly enough. I only received the microphone itself. No beltpack.. nothing. I currently have a wireless system with 2 handheld mics. It can be seen here. It is a the very top. There is no beltpack or anything for this. I'm pretty lost now when it comes to the CM311A/E. I dont know if it can be used with my current system in any way. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! Aaron