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  1. Thanks for the quick response. The two mains are EV qrx/75 and the 4 monitors are all EV Eliminator Monitors. Since I am going through only one channel, I am cornered into the same mix for all four monitors. I currently run a larger system a follows: MackieCFX16 - 16 channel snake dbx DriverackPA Mains dbx 1006 for snare and toms dbx266XL and dbx Feedback Eliminator and dbx stereo 1/3 Oct EQ Mains (2) EVqrx/75's and (2) Eliminator Subs through a MT2400 in stereo. I don't bi-amp, but run throught the subs to the mains. Monitors (4) EV Eliminator Monitors through to Aux Sends through a MT1200 in stereo, one pair per aux send EV QRX-115/75 Short Term EIA 400 watts, Long Term Peak 1600 watts EV Eliminator Monitors Short Term EIA 350 watts, Long Term Peak 1400 watts My intent is to have a smaller set up, no subs no snake, for small clubs, integrated into one rack case that is much smaller than the large set up I use. I would use the EVqrx 115/75 for the mains and the 4 EV Eliminators for the monitors. It would also significantly reduce the set up time. With this more information, which amp would be the best fit for the application?
  2. I am putting together a small club PA. I want to keep it simple - MackieCFX12, DriverackPA, Crown Amp. I want to run monitors (4 @ 8 ohm each) on one side of the amp and the mains (2 @ 8 ohm each) on the other side. Which is the best amp to handle the unbalanced load? My choice would have been a MT2400, which is no longer available. Which of these other choices would work best, if at all? Xs1200 CE4000 K2