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  1. New Crown X series amps.

    Hey all. I hope I'm not hijacking the thread, but my Crown X1000 just arrived today and I'm wondering if someone can clarify: is it class AB, or class-D? Thanks everyone. Btw, this was also a MF SDOTD. I can't believe you can get this much power and quality for 2 bills. Way to go Crown.
  2. Excellent document. Thanks for providing this. Although, I do wish Crown would do a couple of "home audio" amps again.
  3. IC-150 vs. IC-150a

    Either way, thats gonna be a sweet old "vintage" system. What speakers are you using? (Just curious.)
  4. 8000 watts rms!?

    I like having some clean headroom. 40 watts makes a nice "bedroom" amp. 23db of headroom should be sufficient.
  5. 8000 watts rms!?

    Great info. Thanks for taking the time to post all of that. I'll read every word. I still think an I-T8000 would make a great guitar amp.
  6. I keep finding myself coming back to the I-Tech webpage. 8000 watts rms, from 20 to 20k into 8 ohms . . . in a 2-U rack! I have a double-oven in my kitchen, (thats 10x larger), that only dreams of that kind of power. Without giving up any corporate secrets . . . how the heck do you guys pull this off? P.S. I would have liked to have been at the company meeting where someone said . . . "We need an 8000 watt amp in our line-up."
  7. I know, so well, what you mean. I can still remember, even though its been 20 years ago, the guy coming into my shop and asking if he could run the output of a 200W amp into the input of a 250W amp and have a 500W amp. Not only did I have to explain that it doesn't work that way, but also that he needed to "bone-up" on his math a little bit.
  8. The maximum voltage that you can get from any amp, will be approximately whatever its supply rails are, minus the voltage drop of the output transistor. Using ohms law, it appears as though around 42 volts per ch / 84 volts bridged, would be the max for an XLS 402. As for input voltage, 1.25 volts will drive the amp to full power. If you supply a higher voltage than that, you'll simply clip the output waveform. If, for some reason, your sinewave generator works best at a 5-volt output, you could simple start with the input potentiometer all the way down. Then, either measure the output of the pot and bring it up slowly 'til you get to 1.25 volts, or just monitor the output at the speaker jacks until the waveform clips. Roll it back a smidgen and leave the input control at that setting. I hope thats what you were asking.
  9. I love how you now include basic specs, (power, etc.), on the first page of an amp model. Very nice.
  10. Interesting, but why would you want a ground lift switch on a DC150A? I'm asking partly out of curiousity and partly because I own one, and can't think of any situation where I'd want to remove the ground. Btw: Are we talking AC power ground or input ground?
  11. DC-75A

    If you want to keep it simple, cut the wires to the headphone jack, (left, right and ground), and install an L-Pad of the appropriate power level. A better solution would be to have a dedicated headphone monitor. Relatively inexpensive given the rest of your system. Edit: On second thought, add the L-Pad in a small external box. No need to cut wires. Edit2: Take the L-Pad into consideration for impedance matching. An 8-ohm L-pad with 8-ohm speakers will present a 4-ohm load to the amp.
  12. I was thinking that it might be fun to have a Crown "vintage" forum. A place where we talk about the "old" Crown. Not to imply that the "new" is lessor to the old. Just a rest stop for the old. That sounds bad. I don't mean it that way. Do you know what I mean? Artie
  13. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having a hard lockout to begin with?
  14. Manufactured in States?

    Hey Tony; I would disagree somewhat, on this one point. It isn't the manufacturers that have "sold out" . . . its us. When we flock to the Chinese Outlet Store, (aka, Walmart), to cast votes for what products we want, with those little green ballots in our wallets, we tell those manufacturers, in the most sincere terms, what we want. If USA company "A" places a $300 amp on a shelf next to Chinese company "B's" for $100, and we buy "B's", what is "A" supposed to do. They can't keep stocking the shelf with a product that no one buys. Its not "them", its "us". btw - I love the fact that Crown offers the foriegn-made models. The XLS-202D is an outstanding value in an amp right now - with the full backing of the Crown warranty.
  15. Thanks Dave, for taking the time for that very informative answer. Great info. Artie