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  1. OC-150 with headphones

    Thanks, this information supports my understanding of the manual. Yes although this unit was built many many years ago, it still works perfectly. It is a Crown after all. I have two D-150A Series II amplifiers, one D-60 amplifier, one IC-150A and the OC-150.
  2. OC-150 with headphones

    Staff or Anyone?
  3. I have a Crown OC-150 that I am using to help drive headphones with a small amplifier. The amplifier I am using is a Parasound Zamp Zone, about 35 watts per side @ 8 ohms. The amplifier's inputs are connected to the outputs of a preamp and the amplifier's outputs are connected to the amp 2 inputs of the OC-150. I have my headphones connected to either of the two headphone connections on the front panel of the OC-150. If I understand the OC-150 manual, using this hookup I should now have my headphones being powered directly by the amplifier. This should be the same as using a headphone amplifier. Is this assumption correct?