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  1. :angry: It worked! With the exception that I had to back off the band pass gain from 8 to 4. Now the subs are finally mooving some air and I can set the high freq speaker amp to max and still override it with chest pumping bass. As soon as family leaves the house tomorrow I will put some earprotection on and rise the master faders closer to unity gain! Ill let you know how it rocks. On a side note, Im allways setting the input channels to maximum headroom, amps to full trottle and in balance with each other and then bring the master faders on the mixer to desired level. Even if its not even near unitygain. This thread has become like a monologe on my part but no sweat. Heres my story for now. Later
  2. K Series Amps

    I have had a K1 for about 10y now and it has never let me down. Im not a professional musician but I use my small PA in my home studio and at club gigs. The reason I bought the K1 was because it had no fan and therefore could be used in smokey clubs at night and the next day in our livingroom. The downside is the price. Over here were I live a new K2 kost 2500Eur and the TXi2000 1100Eur. Thats more than double compared to the new TXi.
  3. Ok, talked to the local Crown tech in town and he gave me some valuable advise. My plan now is to: 1 Update the xti software with the C-loader 2 Use the system architect to edit a new preset, Bridge 1 - Input mode: Y - Output mode: bridge mono - Activate the crossover and set parameters to: - HP Type, HP Butterworth 18dB/oct, 35Hz - LP Type, LP Linkwitz-Riley 24db/oct, 100Hz - Bandpass gain, 7,94 3 Hook the main outs from my mixer to the crossover where I set the freq spit to 100Hz, sum the low freq and run one mono signal to the xti ch 1. An alternet option would be to send the main L and R signals from the mixer to the xti, from there send L and R outs to crossover where the low freq would be filtered out and only high freq sent to K1 and finally to high freq speakers. The xti would then be set with exact same specs as above except for the input mode which would be set to stereo or to 1+2, cranking out bridged 2000watt @ 4ohm into the subs. Ill let you know how it works out.
  4. Thanks DGlass, now when I think about it it sounds logical. In other words, If I run both main channels from mixer to the xti and then hooked the outgoing signals ch1 and ch2 to my K1 driving the high freq speakers that signal would be full range. I understand that driving the whole freq range into the top speakers is not smart but if I did that then I could use the xti crossover to drive the subs with only low freq signal in stereo or better yet, sum them both up in mono. Or? Is it still possible to bridge the xti? BTW, sound from the xti into my subs in stereo sounds extermely good. Havent been able to crank them real loud jet but they kick well even on lower volume. Should I forget about trying to bridge the xti and stick with the stereo hookup 2x475 watt @ 8 ohm or try to have them bridged for reaching that parallell 2000w @ 4ohm load and hit the speaker sweetspot of 1000watt @ 8 ohm?
  5. Hi, I have just purchased an xti 2000 for powering up my EV subs. The EV subs are rated 1000watt @ 8 ohm. I figured that if I connected them in parallell for a 4 ohm load the xti 2000 bridged would hit the sweetspot of teoretical specifications. My question is that the salesman gave me the impression that I could run the mains from my mixer straight into the xti signal ins and then run the signals back to my high frequency speaker amp through the signal outs while the xtis crossover would be splitting the signal into high and low in stereo. Is this possible? Reading the manual I get the feeling that engaging the crossover allways feeds the channel 1 speaker out with low freq and channel 2 with high freq. In this case input signal 2 is ignored..... except if alternate setting with the y processing block has been made! What does this mean? Even if the channel 2 input is ignored, would it be sending the signal back through the signal outs? Now Im running the mains from my mixer into a Behringer crossover where I spit the freq into high and low, sending the lows to the xti in stereo mode. If I want to bridge the xti I should sum the low freq from both channels at the crossover to run only one signal into channel one of the xti. Right??? Can anybody give some input here. Thanks on beforehand. Tom 2 Crown