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  1. CE2000 Signal Problem

    I have the CE2000 Amplifer with a DBx Signal Crossover, I just want to have bass signal to channel #2 and highs and mids to channel #1. When I turn up the volume on the channel #2 side, the channel #1 receives some of the bass signal and the bass peaks on those speakers. I tried byspassing the crossover and it still the signal crossed paths. It gets very annoying when I am doing a gig and I can't turn up the bass. I have tried every configuration and they all peak bass on the channel #2 side. Is it bad running 2 main speakers (high and mid on channel #1) and bass freq on channel #2 to one subwoofer? Thanks!
  2. CE2000

    I am using a Crown CE2000 with my EV Eliminator i series two main speakers and one subwoofer. My board is an Behringer 18 channel board and, recently since I set up my system, the right channel has been bleading into the other channel on the amplifier. When I turn up right on the board (low freq. signal's only), it makes the mains LF turn up as well. I am using a dbx crossover, but when I use that I get a LF hum noise for the mains. So I plug right from the board to the amp (left on the board out, to channel 1 on the amp, powering 2 mains) and the board to crossover (right on the board, to channel 2 amp, powering single subwoofer). What am I doing wrong here?
  3. Signal Crossing CE 2000

    Hello, I have the CE 2000, Using a Mackie 18 channel sound board. And using EV Eliminators mains (2) (Crossing over the signal w/ a crossover) and a EV Eliminator Subwoofer. I am using channel one for high's and med and channel two for my subwoofer. I am using Speakon cables (Monster) My signal is crossing, when I turn up channel one the mains are on and just high's and that all I want it to have, but when I turn on channel two the mains also turn up and it makes them peak (LOW SIGNALS), but the subwoofer is fine. If I unplug the mains the subwoofer works fine, but when I have the mains and the subwoofer on, there's a problem. There is no hum, cause of the Monster cables. But I have had this problem in the past, every time I take down my system this happens. I am a DJ and thats a problem cause I frequently take the system apart. I have tried every possible way I can think of. I just did a gig like 4 days ago and it was fine. So if anybody has any idea PLEASE REPLY!!!! Thank You!!