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  1. CL1 ugly dc offset

    I also would think shorted outputs if I got full constant rail on the output. It varies between +40 to +55 volts, the rail voltage is +78. At first, the offset is lower, 4-6 vdc, then, sometimes, the affected channel works fine. I'm thinking diff amp problem. Also, the POWER led doesn't light. I'll certainly thank you to email me a schematic, board layout would be nice, too. We were at one time your authorized service center here, but we had a bad manager who blew that for us. Thanks! Tom Peary Norman's Electronics 1685[/snapback]
  2. I have a rush repair on my bench, a CL1 (s/n 002966) out of an aerobics studio. +40 - 55 vdc on bad channel's output, really nasty looking on my 'scope. Any known causes, or is a .pdf of the service manual available? Thanks! Tom Peary Pro Audio Technician Norman's Electronics