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  1. I have PSL-2 and IC-150. I prefer the IC-150 and use rather than the PSL-2 in my main system at home.
  2. Crown DC300A D-150A

    I have a spare 10" unit that I'm not currently using. It came with my IC150 and D150 when I bought them new many years ago. I still have the pair. However, the IC150 is in a rack with a pair of DC300A-II amps and the D150 is in a box stored in the basement. Send me a private mail in the forum (if interested) and maybe we can work something out.
  3. OC-150 with headphones

    I have a product datasheet (marketing material) for this unit in my collection of old hi-fi info. It dates back to about 1976 era
  4. I have a D150 that I bought in late 1970s. I had amp refurbished in 1981 by Remcron (in Canada) and upgraded to D150A with IOC added and the gain pots moved to front with new faceplate. I haven't used this amp for about 6 years. It is boxed and stored. I was considering setting it up again as small system in the den. I have noticed that shortly after amp is powered off, there is a low frequency thump heard on both channels. Is this normal? Is there a fix for it? My main system includes a pair of DC300A-II, each running bridged mono mode.