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  1. CT810 has Hum

    It sounds like a winding in the transformer became delaminated and the noise was from the mechanical vibration 1672[/snapback] Can this be fixed or is is lost.
  2. Crown K2

    Ensure you have a good ground source at the power source. Try swapping the inputs of the amps. Does the hum follow the input? If yes, check input connections and components. If no, try swapping the outputs. Does the hum follow the input? If yes, check output connections and components.
  3. CT810 has Hum

    Resolved by swapping the main transformer from a fried amp.
  4. CT810 has Hum

    The outlet is good.
  5. CT810 has Hum

    I have a CT810 that hums. You can hear the amp hum with no inputs or outputs. It does transfer the hum to the outputs if it's hooked up. I checked for anything loose inside and found nothing. Could this be the main transformer? What else might I check? Is there a Troubleshooting Chart for this amp?