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  1. Crown K2

    Hello. I have 2 K2's in a amp case just big enough to house them. When they are first powered up when they are cool they are quiet as a mouse with no noise at all. Once they warm up after 15 min or so one of the amps start to make a 60 cycle hum. It is annoying because this amp drives 2 JBL subs so they are in the right range to really be noticable. The other acts the same but not as loud. I am not pushing them hard and they don't get real hot but the top one is alway warmer then the lower one. Do the crown amps hum a little when they get warm or do you think this a problem? If I completely disconnect the input the noise goes away but i don't understand why heat would have an effect on this. Thanks for your input. Wes...