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  1. D150A, what cabinets?

    Thanks D. That's the info I was after.
  2. D150A, what cabinets?

    Thanks for your prompt reply. So if I run two of my 8 ohm speakers in series that makes 16 ohms with a 300w RMS rating (150w RMS ea. actually as it turns out), and I run both sets of two at 16 ohms, that means I have an 8 0hm load the D150A and will push about 75watts into each load. Is that correct? I know that the speakers are rated higher than the amp, but I'm a bassist and I like to know that I've got room to push my rig at 100% if necessary. I'm using the D150A to amplify the high end of the bass spectum in a biamp system and 150 watts will be more than enough.
  3. I just pruchased a used D150A and downloaded the service manual from this site, but I'm a little confused. Is it safe to run the D150A at 4ohms per side? I've got four 8 ohm 10" speakers rated at 120watts each, and I'm going to run two of them per side with the D150A in mono mode. If I configue a pair of these speakers in series, they will be 16 ohms and the amp will run them at about 65watts per side. I've also seen a rating of 90watts at 4ohms in the service manual but it doesn't seem to recommend this set up, and I'm not clear if it means 8 ohms per side or 4 ohms per side. If I configure a pair of 8 ohm speakers in parallel they will be 4 ohms, can I safely run two 4 ohm loads on the outputs of the D150A in mono mode? I'd like to run this configuation if possible in order to gain the additional power from the amp, but I'm not clear that the D150A is rated to run that way.