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  1. CE2000 cutting out

    Hello everyone. I have been a PROUD Crown user for years. I have a CE2000 that recently cut out on me when I opened my rack drawer. When I closed the drawer it came back on. It happened toward the end of a gig. I brought it home afterwards to see if I could repeat the problem. I could. I moved the amp up away from the drawer thinking maybe I was getting some kind of weird interferen ce from something. When I powered up again it worked. I left it on for about twenty minutes and then went to turn down the gains and it went out again. I lightly tapped the grill ... not knobs... grill and it came back on. I tapped it again and it went off... tapped it again and it was back on. Obviously there is something wrong. I have written to the tech guys here at Crown but does anyone have any ideas? Edited: After reading further posts, this sounds cery similiar to a Cold solder problem experienced by another user of a CE4000. Any ideas?