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  1. If your update was from a firmware older then 2.0 then that is the source of your problem. The only way to fix that, I have been told after having the same problem in the past, is to completely reconfigure all of your settings manually. So write down all of your settings
  2. Need I-Tech 8000 diagram

    are you using IQwic and are you running the 2.0 or later firmware?
  3. CE4000 - KA-POW!

    It sounds like you may have a component in the signal path with a delayed start time that comes online after you have turned on the amps. This is never happened with my CE 2k or 4k but it has happened while using my i-Tech 6 in conjunction with a T.C. EQstation (having a <1 minute start time).
  4. Network newbie

    I have actually just finished setting up an installation in a wireless configuration. No you don't need a crossover cable as long as all your amps and the wireless access point go straight into the switch. As for making it work through wireless; the trick is to put the access point in the same IP range as the amps (example: 168.192.x.x to make your life easier set the third number as 0). I am using a Linksys "ACCESS POINT" you don't need to use a router at all when connected through a switch. Also make sure the security features are set up tight to avoid tampering with your equipment. Another point is to give your wireless connection a static IP address to match. If you use the assigned PC for more then just your amps set your secondary IP to the amps and let the primary stay random.
  5. First let me say I am a huge fan of the I-techs. So you can only dream of how bothered I was when I tried to upgrade the firmware and I lost all high frequencies. Now I have read through other forums and, either people are having worse problems then I or the issue is being looked at from the wrong angles. The first time I tried to upgrade was from version 1.3 to 2.0 and a low pass showed up on channel one in all 8 of my amps. It was set at -10Db and 198Hz. Thinking it was just a bug in the program I downgraded back to 1.3 and waited for another version to come out. Now I tried it again with 2.0.5 and rain into the same problem. Thinking it was an issue between the latest Iqwic and I-tech firmware; I located a copy of 2.0.3 and continued having the same problem. To add to the problem the previous dataframes created over time were completely destroyed...all with the same random eq curves on the same frequencies!!! Someone please help me so that I may enjoy the full, up to date functionality and integration of Harman networking