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  1. DC 300A or DC150A's?

    Hi ...DWillie.. i would go stereo those amps really work best that way
  2. Crown 8089 Model info?

    1940[/snapback] an #8084, is a Techron "d75" so ...perhaps your amp is a DC150
  3. D 75a

    What the heck is a milliwatt!!!!!!! And does it do anything like sound wise? 1912[/snapback] like when ya have 108 dB efficient speakers, you don't listen to much in the way of Watts, DJ Dude ....
  4. D 75a

    46 people have looked at this .... evidentially i'm not the only one interested, Dave............
  5. D 75a

    at what milliwatt range do the output devices switch on .... further, at say 500mw, are we really listening to the pre-drivers, in class a ...???