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  1. I have two D-150A II amplifiers being used in a fixed PA application. Both are bridged in mono and used to drive one speaker cabinet per amp. Recently one of the amps developed a low level 60 Hz hum in the output with or without an input connected to the amp. I'm guessing a dry electrolytic or maybe a bad ground. Do these amps have a known common fix? Can someone perhaps point me to the components on the schematic? Thanks for your assistance!
  2. Bump. Just checking . . . Thanks!
  3. Is there any OC-150 or OC-150A documentation available yet? I've been looking but perhaps I'm looking in the wrong area? Thanks much!
  4. I would like to perform basic operational checks and adjustments on a DC-300A Series II amp. Things like DC offset, bias, etc. A schematic would be most helpful as well. 1. I noticed there is very complete service documentation available for the D-150A Series II. Is a service manual available for download or purchase for the DC-300A Series II? 2. If #1 is not possible could someone kindly provide a brief description of values, test points, and components to adjust for DC offset, bias, etc.? Thanks much!