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  1. This is my first post to this forum. I've owned a Crown Macro Reference amplifier for roughly 9-10 years. It has been used exclusively in my home stereo system and never in a professional situation. When I switched speakers several years ago, the amplifier produced a small thump on turn-on that I had never noticed on my previous speakers. The newer speakers were more efficient so I'm guessing that's why. Since nothing seemed to be harmed and the amplifier performed without problem after it was on, I let it go. More recently, the thump has gotten a bit louder, plus on every 5-6 turn-ons or so, it trips a 20-amp circuit breaker. Although it still operates perfectly after turn-on, something is not right. Because of this circuit-tripping problem, I have switched amplifiers but I want to get the Crown up to snuff and back into my system. I know there is supposed to some circuitry that is supposed to prevent what I'm experiencing but it seems to be failing. Is this something that I can do to fix my amplifier? I am very far from an electronics genius, but if it's simple enough, I'll give it a go (I can solder - I used to be a welder). Would I be better off taking it into a repair shop? Anybody got an idea how much this might cost me? Thanks!