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  1. ITech Offline Sensitivty/Gain settings

    Hi Kevin, I supposed, that this has to do with the model of IT, but I didn´t want to take it for real. Many thanks for your answers. Christoph
  2. ITech Offline Sensitivty/Gain settings

    ..I could change the settings in small borders offline, but not in the whole possible range there is available on the amp itself or online. Or am I doing somiething wrong? Here is a screenshot, with the highest possible sensitivity available offline. Online it comes up to somewhat like 7,51Vrms.
  3. Hi there, ..As I´m just sitting at home and fiddling around creating some device files for our IT4000 powering VRX and SRX type speakers, I was wondering about the senitivity/gain settings as well. I found the list of about 148 different possible settings, but it seem not possible to do that offline. Right???...I can not find any confirmation about my guess in the manual or the forum. I´m sure, that there are some wise people out there... thanks for your help right now. Christoph
  4. Hy everyone, I´m just trying to preload our I-tech4000´s with all the tunings/presets we need. We´ve got VRX932, VRX928, SRX918S, VRX915S. I could find all the information I need on the JBL site. (there is a nice "tunings"- download) The only thing I´m missing, are the limiter settings for the VRX928. There is a sheet with the settings for the 932, but not for the 928. Our distributor gave me some *.xls files, where I could calculate the right settings. The only problem: It doesn´t work. I tried it with the 932/it4000 combination and as a result the calculation told me to set the "peak voltage limiter threshold" to 80Volts. In the tunings sheet from Jbl it says 131V. This is quite of a difference. So if anybody got some infos for me, I´d be very happy. thanks so much so far Christoph