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  1. K1 sudden volume drop

    Thanks. Channel 1 is back working this morning. The symptom sounds like what is described when the amp is overheating, but as I said, no other lights like the IOC, Clip or TLC have ever come on. Only the signal light flickers. Is it possible for the protection to start to cut in without any visible indication? Even though this amp is sitting on top of the equipment cabinet with plenty of air circulation, it does get very hot to the touch. I'd rather not have to ship it back if there is something else I should try.
  2. In June of this year, I purchased a Crown K1 to use as an external amp for my Denon 2805 receiver. It has worked fine until today. For no apparent reason, channel 1 now is outputting about 1/2 of its former volume. No warning lights are lit, like the TLC. I've verified all the other connected equipment is functioning properly. I tried the obvious of exchanging the inputs for channel 1 and 2, and the problem it definately with channel 1. The amp is sitting on top of an equipment cabinet, so it is getting quite a bit of air circulation. Aside from the obvious send it in for warranty repair, is there anything else I should check?