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  1. Attention if you design a Eq for a Xti, you will have to check on CH2 (via the wizard menu) if your EQ for CH 2 did enable if a adress is mentioned it is oke if not you will have to put the adress in !
  2. Hello, Last weekend we did start making use of Hq_net 1.4. Before all this. The program is great ! and a serious tool, now we realy are the boss in the venue. We did start making designs from Hq_net version 1.1, since version 1.3 we use the program in a live situation 3 questions; The meter response is good but around ever 4 to 5 seconds, I do mis reading from the meters, they appear to be frozen. This only happens as soon as more than 8 amps start presenting there levels whitin one custom_control panel. My tables PC is stil under 100% cpu ussage. any Id what this could be ? When starting Hq_net a pop-up did appear several times in relation to upgrade several devices. But when I do compair the versions active on the network in relation to what is availble whit in Hq_net (via the firmeware update menu) the versions are the same. The file size of the venue file did decrease, this was welcome but are all my custom_control panels still intact ? This did happen after I opend my venue file with Hq_net 1.4 and used the Save as (via file menu). Hope you can help here? Best regards Arjan,
  3. Hello all, Is it possible to have a device/unit (like a amp (Itech)) visible on a system architect custom control panel. Or can I make a button that brings me to the device control panel. In somecases it is just handy to just reach for the amp you work on via a custom control panel. In IQ wic this was possible via a trigger button you could open a device (via engage) Häydo, Arjan
  4. IT 6000 Loosing Output

    Yep we did have the same but with a 8000 !! The load monitor is at that moment on 2 ohm, the amp is on low of a 4888 serie. It did happen on the show where I did lower the top crossover point of the low output (just a little). Maybe the output did meet a short ? or close to 1 ohm ?? I did not power cycle the amp but lowerd the input with 3 db. I did notice a short red led indication on the front but in Iqwic no error or other overload indication.
  5. Dear support, So now and than a new release in software is present, as with in our company we will follow these development as well. All this cause we like to make use of the new features often presented by the new SW ( in or cause for Itech amps). A lot of our time is used by re-adjusting the designed workplaces while going from one sofware release to the other (newer one), this is not only for my company. Are there possiblitys to have a "migration tool" available that helps changing over between software releases. Or can you simply mention the changed addresses so we can adjust our workplaces to the new address allocations in order to avoid errors etc etc. Best regards, Arjan
  6. Hello support, As the title of this topic describes, since a short period we are working with Itech software release 2.03, we are building a new workplace. We make use Iqwic While building some questions did build up I would like to address a Barmeter to the `Sharc Warped Workload` the description on this measurement is not in the controls list any more. But then if you do the drag and drop thing directly out of the amp it is possible to get this bar meter on the workplace, that working than so you say, But I do mis more measurements and other features in the controlist, like address, firmware version, psu temp etc etc. how can I get to those? Is it possible to have a slider for the bandpass gain setting ? haydo Arjan
  7. Q factor in [db/ockt]

    Hello KGring, Many thanx for your replay. Regards Arjan
  8. Dear forum, I hope you can help me with this. As you all know it is possible to use filters on a Itech amp. With in these filters it is possible to put in a Q factor (in case of using a parametric type). As i have been told the value is in db/oct. So now and than we like to compare ore preset settings with the designed settings by the speaker manufacturer. Somethimes these settings are given in [oct.] Is there a way to recalculate these value to a value in db/oct.? Haydo Arjan
  9. Thanx, This is good news. regards Arjan
  10. Hi Guys Any idea when a revised version (V2.0) will be available ? Häydo
  11. Is there a new planned date on the release of IQwic 8.0 ? -Arjan