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  1. Transferring presets from 1.301 to

    OK, thank you David. Sounds like we'll need to flash them back to 1.301. I was hoping to avoid that but I guess if we'd otherwise have to re-create our presets that's the best option. I'll PM you shortly.
  2. Hi there, We got some replacement IT4000s this week and we need to load our presets onto them. Our existing amps have firmware 1.301 on them, while the new ones came with firmware Although we could have flashed them back to 1.301, we had an amp start acting funny the last time we did that (I think we didn't power-cycle it at the right point in the flashing process, but we're still reluctant to try that again), and so we decided to upgrade from IQwic 7.20 to 8.10, which went fine. Now, IQwic won't allow us to load our existing preset files (I think the file extension is .PIQ) into these new amps because the versions aren't the same. We don't have any dataframes or control frames or whatever set up in IQwic because we only want to use it to create presets and load them onto the amps. Does Crown expect its users to re-create their presets every time there's a firmware upgrade, or is there a way around this? Another problem: We then installed System Architect 1.30 to see if it was somehow any easier to use for creating our presets. It wouldn't talk to the I-Tech we tested it with until we let it upgrade the firmware to 2.0.6. After playing with SA we decided that it wasn't any easier than IQwic and slower at that. But now when we go back to IQwic it won't talk to the amp because it doesn't have an OIF file for that firmware version. TCP/IQ Utility won't talk to it either, for the same reason. I looked through the folders where System Architect lives and I didn't see any OIF files for the I-Tech, although I could have been missing them. How do we flash back to I feel like we must've been able to do this before when we flashed amps from 2.0.x to 1.301, but that was a while ago and now I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance!