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  1. Thanks for the reply... and sorry for the delay getting back to you (been a busy summer festival season for us!!). I can't call a US toll-free number from where I am (Ireland), is there a normal number with an area code equivalent I can dial instead? Or someone this side of the Atlantic I can talk to? Many thanks in advance.
  2. IT series @ 2 OHMs

    I've never had any trouble running the I-Tech's at 2ohms for longish periods (several hours at a time). Not a huge amount of work in hot dusty environments but they've never let me down.
  3. Hi, A Crown user on prosoundweb told me that it is possible to extend the 3-year warranty of crown aplifiers for a further 3 years by paying a fee during that initial period? Is that correct? We have 3 ITech 6000's which have performed well however 2 of them have suffered from the well documented problems the series has had. All repaired quickly and hassle free by crown so no complaints but it would be nice to know I could expect such service even after the 3 years have expired, thanks, cathal.
  4. Control Software

    what I can't understand is that why... in either of these programs, I can't simply highlight a number of my i-tech's, right click and "link" them. i.e. link them so I get up the normal controls for one I-Tech except that that control actually makes the same changes to all of them. Would seem like an easy thing to implement. Tonight was the first time I tried using the pc to control all of them at once and I assumed I could do this. Very frustrating that I can't.
  5. I-tech & 6 SRX728s

    these boxes are 4 ohms each... running 3 off a side means your nominal impedence will be less than 1 ohm!!!! I don't think I'd reccomend doing that with ANY amplifier!!!
  6. Power output RMS?

    hmmmm.... not an expert on this but RMS measurements etc. aren't used when spec'ing amplifiers. The two methods described above are used instead. The general rule with speakers is to use an amp which is rated at above their RMS rating, 1.5-2 times this rating is what is reccomended, to allow headroom for transient peaks which exceed the rms rating. So the XTI4000 is giving 1200w into 4 ohms, that would be perfect if your boxes are presenting a 4 ohm load and are rated at 600w RMS. If they are (more likely) presenting an 8 ohm load to the amp then the XTI will only give 650w per channel, which will leave you with very little headroom, but can still work.
  7. Many thanks for your response David... just wanted to clarify some things that was exactly what I needed (and suspected already) to know Cathal.
  8. Hey, Just been looking at the spec's for the Powersoft DIGAM K10, and was wondering how its power rating differed from the method used to rate the ITECH series. The spec's for the K10 are determined from an "EIAJ Test (1KHz, 1% THD)". Which I think means a 1KHz sine wav is used for the test rather than white/pink noise. I think the I-Tech is the same no? Also it is at 1%THD, I think the I-Tech test is at 0.35% THD yes? Just wondering if anyone from crown or anyone with a deeper understanding of the intricities of power ratings could comment on the relative power outputs of both these amplifiers? Thanks in advance. Cathal.
  9. Is this legit?

    Ok thanks again Dave... I need to get a lower power amp soon as well (possibly xti series) so I may get that and see how it goes rather than shelling out the big bucks... If I do I will do as you advise with the serial number etc. cheers.
  10. XTi VS CDi

    thanks for the response David... just wanted to clarify
  11. Hi, I would really appreciate if someone from crown could let me know if this is legit: My main query is in regard to the warranty... is it the exact same as with new kit as he states? Also what exactly from your point of view is "B" stock and are there any reasons to avoid it? Very tempting price less than half what I'd pay for the same here. ites.
  12. Right... Ive been comparing the specs for the XTi and CDi series amps...and I'm confused!!! What are the significant differences between the XTi1000/XTi2000 and the CDi1000/CDi2000??? From checking the spec. sheets I think the differences are: - The CDi has 6 parametric EQ filters per channel with 15db gain/cut, as opposed to the XTi with 4 at 12db. - The CDi offers a Linkwitz-Reilly 24db/octave bandpass filter, and butterworth fitlers at 12 & 18db/octave. The XTi series on the other hand only offers Butterworth curves at 6/12/18/24db/oct. - The CDi offers up to 50ms delay for allignment, whereas the XTi only offers 5. - The CDi has 20 preset settings, XTi only has 10. - The XTi has a 'subharmonic synthesiser' built into the DSP. The other difference that I can see is that the CDi (probably as it is designed for installed sound) has no XLR/SpeakOn ins/outs but rather binding post style connectors. I suppose basically what I'm asking is there any difference apart from the DSP, are these amps basically the same otherwise?? Quality, construction etc.?? And if I might make a comment I don't know why you've gone with USB on these instead of Ethernet which would seem to make more sense given the ability to have multiple units connected to a switch.
  13. I-TECH 6000 with JBL SRX

    Same setup as ourselves. No pre-sets for the I-Tech but you can mirror the spec's JBL provide for use with a driverack. Specifically they are: ITECH1 (Subs): HPF @ 31.5Hz, Butterworth 18db/oct slope. LPF @ 80Hz, Linkwitz-Reilly 24db/oct slope. EQ: +1.5db @ 75Hz, Q factor 3.41 Average power limiter set to 1600w on each channel, nominal impedence set to 4 ohms. ITECH2 (725's): HPF @ 90Hz, Linkwitz-Reilly 24db/oct slope. no eq. Average power limiter set to 1200w on each channel, nominal impedence set to 4 ohms. I haven't been able to get advice from either JBL or Crown as to what the Peak Voltage limiter should be set to for these boxes, so as a result I don't use it You might also want to use the input compressor as a limiter to prevent the input signal going too high. Setup for this isn't related to what speaker type you are using. As far as running 2 725's off one side of an ITECH6000 it's possible but not really advisable. The IT6000 gives 2500w into a 2 ohm load, so each box would get 1250w. As they are rated at 1200w RMS, you'd be falling well short of the general rule of giving a speaker 1.5-->2 times it's RMS rating. Basically you'd have no headroom and essentially be underpowering the speakers. Not a good idea.
  14. ITech 6000 clip light problem

    there does seem to be a bit of an issue with problems such as this with the I-Tech series....check the other post below:
  15. Why not use a single ITECH4000 or 6000 to drive the LF drivers with one box per channel?