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  1. I have heard of Wireless mics but as far as sound went I thought that was as far as we were going to go. That is great, less wires, less setup time. Now I want Motorola( best in two-way comms.) and Crown to team up and make the best wireless network ever!
  2. Crown Amps for Home Audio Use

    My system is currently in a state of flux, but here are a couple highlights: Surround processing is done with a Lexicon processor. From there, the signal converted to balanced +4db by a Genelec line balancer (basically 8 active direct boxes in a 1U). Next, the signal goes through 3 BSS SoundWebs. These provide a 31 band eq for each channel, cross-overs and time correction for the bi-amped speakers, and a couple limiters (to keep from popping circuit breakers). The SoundWebs connect to the amps. The front speakers are a twin 12" with a 2" compression driver. The 4 surround channels are currently 8 JBL 4208 studio monitors (2 per channel). The LFE channel is a pair of single 18" bass bins. These are loaded with extended low frequency raw-frames. With a port tuning of 32Hz, they excel at reproducing the digital low end in movies. These subs are so sick that about the time the MA2402 is drawing 20-25 amps of AC and the thermal limiter is kicking in, the subs are barely past RMS! A bigger amp is in my future. Can you say I-tech? I'd love to tell you that my "work system" is some massive line array system. But the truth is that I sold off most of my live system years ago (after an incident with an amp rack put me in physical therapy for 6 months). By day, I work as a telecommunications consultant; I work with application developers around the world to build/tune their software to run efficiently on Ethernet/WAN networks. I still take the opportunity to do some live sound work, but only when someone else is setting up the gear. 1990[/snapback] Dude that is awesome! I can't believe you have got all that just for you home system. Hope you didn't cut any cornners with the t.v.! But I guess when you demand the best at work, it overflows to the home as well( Man I would Love to watch the movie Driven with that sytem, not to mention any Indy or F1 race! LOL) Sorry to here about an accident. I learned REALLY quick when dealing with Crowns and racks to lift from my knees............
  3. Crown Amps for Home Audio Use

    3 CTs 1200's , 4200 AND an MA2402 ?!!!!!!!! what kind of home system do you have man?!!! If thats for your house you gotta tell me what you use for work
  4. IQ software

    Ok, I started pllaying around with it, which led me to two more questions. Does your components have to be hooked up and online while programming? Also, when you are placing the faders, VU meters, LED's, etc, how would you program those devices to be insync with the componets you want them to work with?
  5. Crown Amps for Home Audio Use

    You must not use a lot of electricity in your home if the amp makes that much of a difference. 1950[/snapback] Im just kidding Its not just my 400, it's the two Com-tech 810s the CT400 and a mackie M1400i that when combined together probally do it (my gear does a lot of multitasking when not being used for actual "work" ) . thank goodness the room that its in was wired for heavy equipment
  6. Com-Tech HEAT

    This is a ??? for anybody with a Com-Tech amp. I have three that I use with a portable setup( yes I know they were designed for installed use but they work so great!) Anywho, I Push them pretty hard for about 4 hours at a time. Ive noticed that they get very HOT. I know about the ODEP system that will keep them running if they get too too hot. But I was wondering if I should be worried about this issue of the constant heat or is it just all in my head. thanks so much, Benji
  7. Crown Amps for Home Audio Use

    I like using my crown on a custom made sub that I designed for home and pro use, I throw my Com-Tech 400 onto it and it sounds great. Although my electric bill does not reflect the use too well.......
  8. I noticed that in some brochures that on the IQ system screen there is a mini floor plan of the building on the screen for using the system. I was wondering, how is that done? Because I would love to put that to use, it would make that grey background a little less grey.... Thanks! Benji
  9. D 75a

    What the heck is a milliwatt!!!!!!! And does it do anything like sound wise?
  10. I didn't know that the CE amps could be plugged into a pc, That is Awesome! BUt not the problem your having that's sooo not cool
  11. Ok, I know this may be kinda a stupid discussion, Because we All know what amps do. But I have seen alot of topics on these Itechs and I know by just reading the specs that these are NOT regular amps. I mean come on! 8000 watts!!! and it seems that ALOT of people have some. So I was just wondering if anyone would like to share who they are and what they do with them. I would greatly appreciate it!!! Also to the crown reps, It has come to my attention that these amps are very popular. PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Do not discontinue or change the style of the Macro-Techs. I LOVE them (esp. that 5000vz) and I want to purchase some day With the old logo.THANKS!!! Benji
  12. Well the good news is I plugged it in to my desktop and the system does work, but now I have to get it to work on my laptop because that is what I am going to be using it on. When I connected it, it tried responding with all the different bauds and then said no interface found, disconected, it said that on com1 my CTS was low. you said that you had a soulution for this so I was wondering if you could help me one more time. I am really thankful for all you help.
  13. Much appreciated DGlass
  14. Well, I just got everything in and I thought everything was hooked up correctly but when I run the roll call it shows up with no interface found even though it is connected to my PC. The only problem I could think of is that maybe it takes a special type of RS232 cable and mine is just not right. So this means that I have no control of my amps or the load minitoring system. I'm using Cat5 cable for the bus loop and I'm pretty sure my solders are ok on the connectors so I don't think that they are the problem..........yet.
  15. Lol thats so funny because I like it, I thought it was pretty cool and I would'n't mind at all showing off that I'm a crown user..... in fact, is there anyway to make it a wallpaper, I think that would be cool.