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  1. Problem With MA5002VZ

    Have you tried switching the load from one side to the other to see if the problem follows the load or stays with the channel? Both sides of the amp go out at the same time. I swaped in a completely different 5000 and the problem went away. How are you determining it is a 2.75-ohm load? Are you calculating it? Measuring it with am ohm meter? or measuring it with an Impedance Bridge? Calculating it (for what its worth).
  2. Problem With MA5002VZ

    When I power up the amps everything is cool; the amps power on and the ODEP LED clicks on after about 2 seconds and they pass signal like they should. After about an hour of operation one of the amps ODEP LED's turns off, the signal LEDs go solid green and the amp stops passing signal. The client had been complaining of this for a while but I had not seen it myself until today. It was in the middle of a service (this client is a church) so I turned the amps input attenuators all the way down and power cycled the malfunctioning amp. After coming back on line, the amp worked for about three seconds and then the ODEP lights went back off and the signal LED's went solid green and again no signal being amplified. It is a very important intall for our company so I hope you guys can help me before I really disapoint the client. Oh side note; amp is seeing a 2.75 ohm load on both sides. Its running in stereo mode and is connected to a sense input on a Nexo NX242. The amp is driving arrays of 6 GEO-S cabs per side. And of course the one amp that is screwed up is the one responsible for all the HF/MF in the room so when it goes its really freakin obvious. Thanks for your time and my apologies if this is topic has already been discussed Adam