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  1. I-tech problem

    Can't really pinpoint what the problem is but I am running an I-tech 4000 and 6000 and when I engage my mic on a rane mp 24 mixer I eventually get a hiss and pop...Can't figure out if this an amp issue or a mixer issue or if this has something to do witht he mics...Any thoughts??
  2. Crown I-tech 4000 issue

    You can take it to a service center like Davidson or any other Crown Certified Warranty Service Center and they should be able to work on it. In some cases even sooner than we might be able to. 4855[/snapback] Any idea of what it can be....There is a good chance I am not going to be able to bring it in this week....I just want to make sure that I am going to be ok for the weekend...This has been happening for quite a while now and only seems to happen in the very beggining of having the amp running...
  3. I am having a problem with my I-tech 4000 where at the beggining of a job (Mobile Dj) I hear some distortion and then a loud pop...After the pop I hear nothing...Then a few minutes later it will start again...The cycle lasts for about 20-30 seconds....I also own an i-tech 6000 and tried running that with the exact same components and had no problem...If there is an issue with the amp am I able to take it to a crown service center...ex Davidson electronics...Or does the am have to be shipped back to crown....I am a mobile dj and can't be without an amp for more than a few days......
  4. Microtech Question

    It seems that the only difference between the MT and MA amps is cosmetic...If that is the case why didn't crown ever develop a Microtech 3600, 5000 etc?????