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  1. Crazy Config Question...

    Thanks Bill, After posting this, I read on the Crown Knowledgebase (FAQ): Guess that would have answered my question...and you did as well. Thanks again, C
  2. Hi All, I have a strange gig to do on Saturday for 40-50 people. It's a small room, and I can only fit half my speakers in the area I have to work with. I much prefer to have a sub with me. So, my question is this: Can I use my current DRPA config and use only one top and one sub with a single amp? MP 24z Mixer -Setup for mono output DRPA -Setup as a 1X4 -Output Left High to left channel of amp -Output Left Low to right channel of amp CE 4000 -Input Left High from DRPA to Channel 1 -Input Left Low from DRPA to Channel 2 MP 415 Full Range (8 ohm) -Connect output of amp Channel 1 MP 418S Sub (4 ohm) -Connect output of amp Channel 2 Will the amp run one channel at 8 ohms and the other at 4 ohms without any problems? Output volume doesn't have to rock the place...mainly for background music and some announcements. I know, weird huh? Thought...comments? Thanks, C
  3. CE 400 High and Low Pass Filter Settings

    No worries Bud. I have always found it easier to understand, learn, and retain info from folks that know the ins and outs vs books and such. I just have the gift of jumbling my thoughts/goal between brain and keyboard. Most of the time I know just enough about something to be dangerous. Yeah, the BW12 is a little gradual, but that's the default from the DRPA Wizard for my speakers and amps. I figured by at least upping it to BW18 when I dropped the freq from 45Hz to 40Hz it would be enough. Maybe a BW24 would be better at 40Hz? I did a little more reading into the Linkwitz-Riley vs Butterworth crossovers. I see now that LR are flat at the crossover point and BW have a peak at said crossover point. Maybe I should run all LW? The DRPA only gives the option of LW12 and LW24. Guess it would be LW24. Yes, I have a preset with just the settings for my equipment as the DRPA Wizard sets them, then I saved my custom settings in another preset. Mine sounds smoother and fuller in the low-end, as well as slightly deeper. Much more pleasing to the ear. The Wizard does set a PEQ for both sets of speakers...I have just left those as is. Thanks again for the really is helpful. Guess I shouldn't even go into the phase shift between the different orders huh? C
  4. CE 400 High and Low Pass Filter Settings

    Bud, Ease up a little...this is not a bogus post. I am not "playing", "testing", or trying to waste anyone's time. I don't appreciate your tone. This is a help forum, I needed some help, so I posted to get some. I think I might have confused some let me try to explain where I am coming from again. I am not a sound pro like many of the folks here and on the ProSoundWeb and DriveRack forums. That's why I asked the question(s) learn. As I said, I have been using the system for two years - just using the crossover in the DRPA and running the HPF & LPF on the two CE 4000 amps on the FLAT setting. I was just curious about using the HPF & LPF on the amps, in addition to the crossover filters on the DRPA, if I would see any benefit. My crossover settings in the DRPA are as follows, customized slightly from the DRPA Wizard setup defaults - shown in parentheses: Low 40Hz BW18 (45Hz BW12) 95Hz BW24 (125Hz BW24) High 95Hz BW24 (125Hz BW24) I lowered the crossover point to 95Hz because it sounds better to me in most situations, and was recommended by a member on another forum when I first got the DRPA, as well as confirmed in the first reply from David. As you can tell, I mixed up high-pass and low-pass in my posts, which I am sure made everyone think I was totally out of my mind. From the responses I received here, I have determined the following to be best: 1. Let the DRPA do the crossover work for the system. 2. Setting the CE 4000 HPF on 30Hz for the CE 4000 running the two 418S subs and 40Hz on the CE 4000 running the two 415 tops instead of on flat is simply an extra form of filtering on top of the settings in the DRPA - as you explained in your first post as a safety measure. These are both below the bottom limit of the respective cabinet's effective frequency response. 3. Leave the LPF on both amps on the FLAT setting. Correct? Sorry I confused everyone, just trying to learn a little more. Everyone's explanations are much appreciated and I now have a much better understanding. Thanks again, C
  5. CE 400 High and Low Pass Filter Settings

    Thanks to all. Have been using the system for two years with the CE HP and LP all on flat. I have the Bink CD...I used it to setup gain structure thru the system. Really, was just curious about the filters built into the amps...the DRPA handles all the crossover settings for me. Thanks again, C
  6. CE 400 High and Low Pass Filter Settings

    Ooops...I guess I posted the wrong the filters confused. Man I do that a lot! I meant the following: 418S Sub CE 4000: High Pass of 30 and Low Pass of 100 415 CE 4000: High Pass of 50 That would give the subs freqs between 30 and 100 and the tops freqs above 50, correct? Thanks for you previous reply, C
  7. Hi, Here's my system: Rane MP 24z Denon DN-2000F dbx DriveRack PA (2) Crown CE 4000 (2) JBL MPro MP415 (2) JBL MPro MP418S I used the DRPA wizard and set everything up with the defaults by choosing my equipment, setting the amp sensitivity at 1.4V (amp and DRPA) and the front panel amp levels to 54% as default in wizard shows. Crossover defaults are 45Hz and 125Hz (although I prefer 40Hz and 95Hz). Just a quick question. Is there/would there be any benefit to changing the default settings of FLAT for the high and low pass filters on the back of the CE 4000s? Because the DRPA has an active crossover built-in and setup, would it actually be a negative effect to set the high pass to say 30Hz for the CE running the 418S subs, and a low pass of say 80Hz for the CE running the 415s? Would this reduce the strain on the amps and help the speaks breathe a little easier? Thanks in advance, C
  8. Need an amp for my house

    I have two CE 4000 amps and I LOVE them!