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  1. CE 4000 Problem

    I think what you might have is the amps output touching each other. When you plug into the subs they are stock as pin 1 + -. the tops are also 1 + - unless you re-wired the subs they would be the same at low volume somtime you may not have a problem. But at higher vo;umes it would cause a short. open the jack plate on the subs and see if they are set to pin 1 or 2 you would need to have an external panel with jacks for the speakers to use the 4 pin wire correctly. Do you? The other thing you should reset the x-over for stereo and wire the tops in stereo, and the subs in stereo you have the output and the eq the only thing you my need is more cable for wiring. No need to split the signal. jim 1197[/snapback] The subs are set for pass thru. On the speaker wire, I have banana plugs for the amps and using speakon for the speaker ends. The wire is 4 conductor. It is only at high volume that the amps shut down.
  2. CE 4000 Problem

    The other thing the fans are on the back of the amps if they are moving they are on. jim 1189[/snapback] I thought those flaps in the back spinning where fans. They work. I just wanted to make sure I was not overlooking anything. Thanks for your advise. I will give it a try.
  3. CE 4000 Problem

    I have a similar system to this. I use it to do sound for rooms with up to 400 people in it. Are you using it for home theater? It seems to be a little much for that but anyway. No, I am doing outdoor cinema productions. Word of advise if you don't want to spend good money after bad money find a better place to buy gear. Guitar Center is known for having people who don't know exactly what they are talking about. Most of them are Djs or studio engineers working for $10- 15 an hour, but anyway that is beside the point. How loud are you listening to your system and what is shutting down. If the subs are shutting down I would imagine it would be because you didn't set the drive rack up right . The wizard on the drive rack is not as easy as people think it is and remember it is only a guide line, it is not always the best settings for the situation. I am not turning the system up all the way. It still seems to have plenty of headroom. I have 4 of these myself. The wizard doesn't tell you to set the limiters or the compressor, there is also a button on the back of unit -10 and +4 you have to see which one works for you (probably +4). You need to look at the whole picture before buying more stuff, it'll put you in the poor house if you don't. I wouldn't buy anymore stuff. The amps are enuff to do the job. the x-over is fine you probably need to tweek it thou. Also if you used the rta on the front with the mic they sell for it. The auto Eq also adds a lot of lows to the system that you cannot hear remember to use your ear. Is the speakers bottoming out are they blowing. I didn't hear you say they were blowing depending on what exactly you are using it for (how many people listening to the train?) Nobody can diagnose a system without all the info. All of the speakers shut down, not just the subs. The system only shuts down when a loud scene plays during the DVD. The other thing you might want to make sure the fans are working they are variable and turn on with heat. Not sure how to check for this All in all it seems like you would have a nice system. (If set up right.) Any advise on a setup for what I have? Hope this helps a little. You stated you use the drpa. Could you give me a rundown of your settings? I do use a RTA mic with my system. The bass sounds fine, almost too much. The mids and highs do not sound that loud. I am just confused on why all of the speakers shut down, even the (2) 4719's that are being pushed with (2) ce4000's.
  4. CE 4000 Problem

    I am hopping some of you audiophiles can help me solve my current issue. Here is a little background on the problem. I am using a Soundcraft E8 mixer connected to a pioneer 7400 DVD player. From my mixer I am running XLR cables to a DBX Driverack PA. I used the wizard to setup my DRPA and was using (2) ce4000 amps. Each amp was used to push the following: (1) JBL sr4733x and (1) JBL sr4719x. During DVD playback, when a loud scene such as a train or thunder began in the movie the amps would shut down for about 10 seconds and then turn back on. I figured that this was due to overheating and I did not have enough watts to push these four speakers. After speaking with an employee at Guitar center, he advise me that I should add another ce4000 to eliminate the problem. Problem not solved! Still shuts down for 10seconds and then turns back on. The current setup is as follows. (1) ce4000 pushes both the left and right sr4733x speakers. I then have the other (2) ce4000's pushing each sr4719x each in mono. I have the drpa set up as follows: High output on the drpa is split using a xlr splitter and plugged into the ce4000 channel 1 and channel 2. This pushes the 4733x's . I then have each low output from the drpa connected to channel 1 on the other 2 ce4000's These two amps push my 4719x's. The crossover is set at 40Hz - 90Hz for Lows and the Highs start at 118 Hz. I am running banana plugs out of the binding post to the speakers. The 4719's are set in passive mode and I then use a 6' speakon jumper to feed the 4733's. I have great sound in the current configuration but I am still getting having the same problem of shutting down, even after the addition of another ce4000. Do I need to add more power to the 4733's? Do I need to reconfigure my setup? It is hard to imagine that (3) ce4000's will not push these JBL's. Please help.