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  1. trs input as daisy chain

    I guest I found the answer to my original question, (you're right) had a look at the K1/K2 service manual, showing both input the XLR and TRS are connected in parallel solidly or hard wired. Thanks to all of you guys. Regards, Dan
  2. Hi All, Has anyone out there tried or is using the TRS input (of Crown K1) to daisy chain/feed another K1? XLR (L/R) input is fed from mixer L/R out. The K1/K2 has both XLR and TRS input. Thank you. Regards, Dan
  3. Hi All, Is it advisable to parallel the K1 output into a 6 ohm load (fed from a mono input)? At the moment I configured my K1 to power my 6 ohm LAB12 into bridge mono, this would present a load of ~3 ohms per side. To relieve the amp of low impedance, I'm planning to connect the output in parallel to power the same load. Any good? Thanks in advance. rgrds, Dan
  4. Hi All, I'm from Ireland and using Crown K1 to power my subs. My plan is to buy a new Macro Tech, the MA-602 to power my front speakers.(still available from several dealers) Will someone tell me if all MA-602's are: a)THX b)have International power supply and c) can i purchase a 230v low speed transmotor. Is this amp a good choice for home theater/hi-fi use? Thank you. Regards, Danny
  5. Hi All, Can anyone tell me which signal converter is better, is it the passive or the active one (Art vs Rane BB44X), and why? Thanks a lot. Regards, Dan