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  1. I-Tech Thermal Indicator

    The readings reach no more than 5% and they do vary. Usually go back to 0. The fans come on periocally. I just don't remember seeing this happen before. 2890[/snapback] Is this at idle (no input just sitting)? Is this one amp by itself or several amps stacked on top of each other? And if so are they in a tightly confined rack? Are the fans coming on at a slow speed and then going off or are they coming on at a medium to high speed? The fans for the Itech in my office come at a slow speed periodically during the day just sitting there doing nothing. 2898[/snapback] Actually it is several amps. And I just added to 8ks to the rack. They are tightly packed. I think the fans are on low speed, maybe medium. It is when there is signal and the amplifiers are amplifying it.
  2. I-Tech Thermal Indicator

    The readings reach no more than 5% and they do vary. Usually go back to 0. The fans come on periocally. I just don't remember seeing this happen before.
  3. I just purchased two new 8ks to add to my other 3. The data lights on my three older units stay on, on both the front and back of the amp. However, on the two new ones, the light only flashes periodically. I can communicate with all five, but sometimes there seems to be a glitch with the two new ones such as the amp not accepting data. It takes a few times for the amp to store the new setting. I am using 1.31 on all the amps. Any suggestions?
  4. Is it normal for the thermal indicator on the Iqwic amp window to show a level? What are normal readings? Is there something that should be done if there is a problem?
  5. I am using two I-Tech 8000s in bridge mode to power my subs. I changed the selector in IQwic and wired it appropriately to the binding posts. The system is working fine and sounds good. My question is: Are there any other parameters that I should change in IQwic to use bridge mode more effectively? The meters just look strange not seeing an input signal in both channels and only seeing the load monitoring on channel 1. I guess what I am asking is doesn't the window for each amp change to show it is in bridge mode? Will I always see two channels of processing...just ignore channel 2?
  6. parametric eq

    O.K. That sounds good. I will try that and go from there.
  7. Using IQwic, can I make a master EQ that will control each of the amplifiers eq?
  8. O.K. Thanks for the information. I will make the proper adjustments and go from there.
  9. Can anyone respond to this post?
  10. I just did an outside show with my full system and I thought I would get more SPL than I did. I was at about 98 db at 20 meters. Here is a description of what I am doing: When I hit 0 to + 6 db on the console, the amps are at 0. I haved not changed any of the sensetivity settings or cut db in other places, except eqs of course. I am currently using 3 I-Techs: a 4K for highs, a 6K for Mids and an 8K for subs. I set up my system using anywhere from 1 main box and one sub per side to three main boxes and three subs per side (the full system). The main boxes each have a 200 watt horn and a 800 watt driver, program watts at 8 ohms. The subs each are rated at 1200 watts at 4 ohms, program. I've set up three different presets using the IQ software so the amp's limiters would match the 1, 2, or 3 box per side configuration. I figured the nominal impedance and the peak voltage using the appropriate formulas so to properly (I believe) set the average power limiter and peak voltage limiter. Here is an example: 3 main boxes and subs per side: 4k- average power limiter 300 watts @ 3 ohms, 79.89 peak voltage, 6K- average power limiter 1200 watts @ 3 ohms, 159.78, peak voltage, 8K- average power limiter 1800 watts @ 2 ohms, 154.49 peak voltage. So does this all sound like I am on the right track? Matching the amps with the boxes, setting the limiters? Second: Does setting the average power limiter to the average power of my speakers, adjusting the watts and the load for the number of boxes for each preset, overly limit the SPL the system is capable of producing? Do you feel I had my system safely producing its max SPL? Can I just use the peak voltage limiter to guard against damage and turn off the average power limiter to increase the SPL? Sorry for the long post, but your insight in all of these areas would be greatly appreciated. I put together a worksheet with each of my system configurations that I could email if you wanted to see how I have set up my other presets. Thanks so much, Eric