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  1. XS series

    Because this series has been discontinued, I was able to get a great deal (from an authorized dealer!) on a new XS900. The XS series seems like a great "no nonsense" group of amps. Anyway, here's my question: is each channel of the amp somehow individually cooled? I notice on the front of the amp, there are "Temp 1" and "Temp 2" lights. I'm just curious, and looking forward to getting my hands on the amp hopefully this Friday! Thanks, Rich
  2. Hello, I just picked up a used K2 and I have a question about the signal lights. I am using the amp with the Y-input switch enabled, and have an 8 ohm sub connected to each channel. I noticed that the signal light for Channel 1 seems to "stick" -- when I turn down the main volume on my mixer, the light for Channel 1 stays on (not very brightly, though) for a few seconds (without any signal), and the signal light on Channel 2 immediately goes off as it should. The amp sounds fine, no difference in the channels that I can hear. So, does anyone else have this problem? Is it something that I should worry about? Thanks, Rich
  3. Crown-crossover-JBL

    If everything's working fine, I certainly wouldn't disconnect anything inside the speakers. If you want to biamp (and have the $$), look at the SRX700 series. Rich
  4. I-Tech 6000 and SRX728

    iTech = power and quality!
  5. Crown Amp Suggestion

    The MacroTech series would probably be a good choice. The power handling of those subs may increase given proper processing, so you should contact EAW and tell them what you're using (Driverack), and maybe they could give you an idea of how much power each sub should be getting. Rich
  6. Need an amp for my house

    A more normal practice is to find speakers that you want first, then select an amp to appropriately power them. But, if you insist on purchasing an amp first, something like a CE4000 or a K2 will give you plenty of power for just about anything you'd dare to use in your house, and both of those amps are quite efficient, something to keep in mind with home use.
  7. Hello, Does Crown make a mic that's suitable for use by a group cycling instructor? It would need to be a headworn, wireless, sweat-resistant mic, and it can't be too expensive(the one this gym used to have had a headset, with some sort of waistband where the batteries went). Extremely accurate sound quality is not what we're looking for here - just something nice and reliable. Any thoughts are appreciated. Rich