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  1. To all, If I'm correct, ITech's have three gain settings, along with the 'Analog Input Range' They are -- 1. Analog (or Digital) Input Fader 2. Output Attenuator 3. Bandpass Gain (available in the 'preset editor') First, what's a description of each, ie what domain, MDAC, DSP, etc? Secondly, assuming I'm driving the amp with something that can output +24 or more, what is the best place to get gain, input fader or bandpass gain? To the US members, have a good Memorial Day weekend. TIA, Greg Longtin
  2. Okay, maybe I'm missing the obvious. How do I chage the preset when I'm working in IQ offline? For that matter, the UI always shows preset 1 active, even though it isn't. Hence, the only way to edit a preset is thru the shortcut menu, which brings about the next question. can the defaults be posted somewhere on the forums or Crown web site? Many of the filters show none default values, even though they aren't used. Thanks, Greg Longtin
  3. I'd like to request that current 'Preset Name' be added as an available control. Preset number is available, but the name would be much more informative. Also, line current would also be helpful. I think it disappeared when going from 1.xx to 2.xx Thanks, Greg Longtin
  4. To All, I've got the following questions about I-Tech's and IQwic8... -- IQwic / I-Tech General -- 1. Input Sensitivity - I can't find where to change these in IQwic, ie, from 15 to 21? 2. RMS Power setting - this has a nominal impedance value. Hence, if I set it for 1,000 W into 8 ohms, what will happen with a 4 ohm load? 1,000 W or 2,000 W? -- Custom Pages -- 1. Digital Display binding - I'm binding the control to the impedance value, and the control doesn't redraw, iow, when it writes an '8' to the control, you can still see the '7' that was the previous value. 2. Peak & RMS signal - are these relative to full output, or the limiter settings? 3. Peak & RMS Limit indication - are these available? 4. Current Preset Name - is there any way to have the name of the current preset shown? I can show the number, but I'd rather see the name... Thanks, Greg Longtin
  5. Itechs

    David, > as the console reaches 0VU the amplifiers (if turned all the way up) will be reaching their full output at about the same time. Hmmm... Setting things that way will waste about 20 db out of the console, assuming the console can do +24. Granted, full range from a console may be reduced by a cross-over (internal or external), but even then... Also, IMHO, input sensitivity is one of those 'odd' numbers. I don't want I-Tech's to have the same 'input sensitivities', I want them to have the same gain, so they can be interchanged. Greg Longtin