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  1. I'm running 2 Itech-8000's on bass. I put the input into the top amp, come out and goto the next amp but it sees as if the bass is louder with just one amp. When I turn both amps on the bass has got to be fighting one another......awhile back I changed the jump xlr's. I'm thinking it has to be my jump xlr cables. I thought they were balanced but not sure if the 2pin is + on the cable??? Does this matter? What are the better cables to get? Thanks in Advance
  2. Crown I-Tech PFC Power Supply / 110v/220v

    THANKS, that's EXACTLY what I needed to know! Know I'm just waiting on the amps? They were backordered longer than 10-14 days. It looks like it's almost going to be a MONTH (30 days+).
  3. Getting ready for my Crown I-Tech 8000's and I'm wanting to get another power "rac pac" built. You input your 220v power supply and then it breaks the power down into 6 breakers with 20A or 30A breakers. The previous one that I had, had 6 - 20A breakers. With the Crown i-Techs and the PFC, I want to give the amps a full 30A breaker with 220v power. TOP PICTURE I want to make 4 - 30A breakers for the I-Tech's, and then just 2 - regular 110v/20A breakers for misc. equipment. What I need to know is what 30A tips/ends do the I-Techs come with, to input into the wall? Is there a tip that looks just like a regular 110 outlet BUT IT HAS ONE PRONG TURNED SIDE WAYS SO THAT IT IS A 30A? I need to get another Rac Pac built and this is what I need to know to get it configured. I want to get 4 - 30A for the I-Techs, and This is the Rac Pac that I had built the 1st time.... I can get configured ANY KIND OF WAY.... OTHER OPTIONS..... PLEASE LOOK AT THE REAR VIEW!