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  1. Hi! I have an IC-150 pre-amp (black-silver unit) that has stopped working -- powers up OK, but no output at all, regardless of input setting. I am beginning to think that the problem is that the transformer has quit. I saw a similar post a while back in this forum and it describes my problem exactly. My understanding is that the part (#3224) is no longer available from Crown. (Quite understandable, given the age of the unit.) Assuming that be the case, I would like to inquire about the technical specifications for this part, so I can buy a comparable replacement from an electronics supply store. The previous post mentioned described a "15V-0-15V (AC) at 500 ma". Is this correct? Any input / suggestions / clarifications appreciated. Thanks. Stan
  2. IC-150 pre-amp

    I have an IC-150 (silver/black panel) that I've had for many years that has suddenly stopped working. No audio is getting passed via any input, as near as I can tell. Fuse is OK, Powers up OK. Any ideas as to where to check first or likely trouble spots? Thanks.
  3. D-150A

    Thanks for the tip... I replaced the dual op-amp. Didn't fix the problem entirely. There was improvement, but still some distortion on power-up. At least the part was cheap. Now if I can just figure out which part it is you're talking about!! Stan
  4. D-150A

  5. Pre Amps

    Just some musing and questions about pre-amps: My home system is a D-150A with an Crown IC-150A pre-amp. It's a set up that has served me well for many years, and I'm very happy with it. However, with the demise of my turntable and two tape decks, my IC-150A is woefully under-utilized. I'm only using the tuner input and an aux. input for my CD player. Although the IC-150A was (and still is) a great unit, I'm using an awful lot of rack space just to be able to switch between two inputs and to have output control. I've noticed that many manufacturers aren't making pre-amps anymore. I remember that Crown at one time had the "Straight Line" series which had a small pre-amp, but I know that's was discontinued long ago. I wouldn't mind having a smaller pre-amp, but I'm not seeing very many of those anymore. Perhaps I'm just ignorant, but are audiophiles just not buying separate components anymore? Are integrated amps what most people are going with these days, or are they using their computers for pre-amping? If my IC-150A ever bites the dust (or I just want to simply my system) what would I replace it with? I never want to part with my Crown power amp -- I can't. Crown amps are about the only thing that can drive my Crown ES-212's!! Stan
  6. D-150A

    Thanks a bunch. I'm going to do a bit more troubleshooting and probably order that part. Stan
  7. D-150A

  8. D-150A

    I have a D-150A - early model (1975?) that has faithfully driven my Crown ES-212 electrostatic speakers for many years. (How many pairs of *those* units are still out there?!?!) Just recently, the left channel has started sounding distorted, after power up. However, after a while, the problem seems to clear up. One local technician I spoke with (who seems to have some familiarity with the older Crown amps) told me that the problem is likely an "op-amp" that's going bad. Opinions? If it is, in fact, an op-amp, are the parts still available? Cost? I'd love to upgrade to a newer Crown amp, but frankly the $$ just isn't there. Also, just out of curiosity, are there any parts left for the electrostatic speakers? (Probably not, but hey...can't hurt to ask!!) Go Crown! (and thanks in advance). Stan