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  1. Having in mind, that Crown and JBL are all part of the HarmanPro Group, i'm asking myself if it's possible to have just the settings (Preset Device Files) for System Architect having posted here. Considering the fact that System Architect is THE software for the ultimative control over all brands, I would really appreciate to have finished files available here as for example already in the DSi. Hope to find a final solution soon. Thanks Oliver
  2. Please share your experience and possible inputs to the SX2000WG here. Thanks Silex Wireless USB server does the trick ! ( and is available ) 4270[/snapback] This is good to know but are you talking about the Silex "SX2000WG" or the "SX-3700WB"? Also have you tried it with XTi amps? and how did you like it? 4272[/snapback] I used the SX2000WG. This was connected to a 7port powered hub from DLink. Connections on the hub : 3 x XTi4000, 1xdbx DriveRack 260 (with usb2serial) Tablet PC Used : Toshiba Tecra Tablet-PC with SA 1.2 and DriveWare 2.5 Worked very nice ! 4303[/snapback] 4305[/snapback]
  3. "Memory Backup Enable" is still in the .oif file but we are now filtering it out in the "Object Control Editor List" as it is something that could cause major issues if it were accidentally set to Off. When the Memory Backup Enable is Off the amplifier will revert to the factory default settings. That is to say there would be no settings like filters, limiters etcetera and the level controls would be turned up so the amp would be passing full range. This is not something that most people want their amp to revert to when they power down their system. 2682[/snapback] Hello David, i was wondering if there is any progress on this topic? As you wrote above most people don't want the amp to revert to something different after cycling power... Right now it is more or less unpredictable to say what preset will be loaded after powring up the amp. As I described above the amp switches back to some random preset after cycling power (with no network connection). I would call this bug quite dangerous! Please let me know if there is a solution to avoid this problem.... if not i think i have to downgrade the firmware back to 1.3 .... i guess i also have to rewrite all my presets, right? Thank you very much! Greetings from Germany! Tobi 2804[/snapback] Hi Tobi, David I have the same issue with the powering down and back up and it's really the reason, why we can't use it on touring. I would be really glad, if we would have a fast solution. BTW: How do you link the 2 Gain Attenuators in SA? Thanks Oliver ----------------------------------------------------------- Dr.W.A. G√ľnther Audiosystems AG Oliver Bachmann Applications Engineer